She awoke alone and growled.  “Dammit, how does he DO that?”  Then she heard him in the other room, muttering to himself and she relaxed for a moment.  Finally she rose, pulling on a robe as she stepped into the common room and found him at the table, working on ship fittings.  A prophecy hull rotated in front of him . . . no that was a Damnation!

Mike was talking to himself as fitting after fitting flickered before him.  “OK, common points and specialties, sort and separate.” The files flickered then started making percentage lists that Mike grinned and read intently.

She made no noise as she crossed the room behind him and took a quiet satisfaction in the way he jumped as she breathed in his ear.  ‘What are you up to, handsome?”

“Gah, damnit . . . I mean damnation . . . ” Mike tried to collect himself and pointed to the ship.  “I spent most of my remaining cash and bought a new ship to take into incursions.  Now the problem is I don’t know a damn thing about Amarr fittings.”

“You seem to know mine well enough . . . .”

He burst out laughing and then pointed at the lists.  “You know what I meant.  So I grabbed a bunch of fittings from outside resources and am running comparisons on them to see which would best suit my purpose.”

“Why don’t you just ask your friends during one of your battles?”

Hand rubbing his face he admitted.  ‘Kinda lost a lot of my contacts during the war.  I have sent out a note to Hardin to help get me back in touch with folks.  Until then I am on my own for fittings.”

She slid onto the arm of the chair beside him and looked at what he had up.  “Well it looks like you have a good start here.  Damnations are sexy.”  Her voice went husky on the last sentence and Mike almost forgot what he was doing for a moment.

Mike tore his eyes from the long beautiful leg right next to him and tried to refocus.  “Trimarks were an obvious choice for the rigs.  Double 1600 plate slows her down but man-o-man the payoff in buffer is worth it.  Since I plan on flying support then the three command links are a must . . . but it is from there I begin to falter.  It starts becoming a mix of more personal choices.  Assault or heavy missiles?  Afterburner or microwarp drive?  What else belongs in the mids and should I use active or passive specific hardeners?”  He leaned back and idly rested a hand on her leg as he gestured with the other one.  “I think, no matter what I fit someone will tell me I am doing it wrong.”

She smiled and leaned over against him.  “Pilots are like that.  So you go with the usual rules.  Play to the ship strengths and your own.  You are the one risking it, so make your own mistakes.”

“Cher, how you get so wise?”

She slid off the chair and started to walk back towards the bedroom.  “Proper amounts of sleep?”  The robe slid from her shoulders and fell to the floor as she reached the door.  She paused there waiting for a reaction.

“I still say it is a fat ass.”

She spun, in a sudden rage, ready to . . .

He was looking at the Damnation again.  Rotated for a rear view.  He looked over to her and blanched.  ‘I was talking bout the, oh cher you didn’t think, I only meant.”

She giggled.  “I know.  Now come back to bed or I will become irritable.”

Mike stood and walked towards her “Well, we don’t want none o dat, do we?”

As they entered the room her voice asked in an innocent tone.  “Who is Dee?”



This IS how I fit ships, quite often  (1) Look at the ship strengths and purpose (2) Look at previous fittings on a resource like battleclinic (3) ask pilots of them for their fittings.  (4) always try to do work with a gorgeous woman nearby (5) be ready to stop work if something better arises

The Damnation can mount a formidable tank if fitted even half decently.  Once I take one into an incursion and survive I will let you know which fittings I decided on.  Right now it is heavies, twin target painters, and I still haven’t settled some of the other questions.

fly it like you won it . . . .few more days for comments to get you entered into the Gallente benevolence draw.


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5 Responses to Damnation

  1. skajit spey says:

    good one mike….

  2. HardinSalvor says:

    Oh noes an armour tank!

  3. Eenbal says:

    Always wanted on of them. Would you mind posting yer fit?

  4. Mara Rinn says:

    Marconus Orion flies/flew a Damnation in Incursions. Fly in, get some aggro to buy the logistics time to lock each other, win. From memory the focus was enough buffer to last long enough for logis to lock and cycle, remote repping command links, the rest was DPS.

    I just repped him, have no idea what the fit was.

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