GBA Face

He barely closed one channel when another opened.  The image was blanked out to be just a silhouette.  “Mr. Azariah, we are of the understanding that you are now back working for . . . a public corporation?”

Mike frowned at the screen but answered truthfully.  “For all of about five minutes, yes.  How did you know?”

“We keep an eye on  our interests and you, sir, are one of our interests.”  The tone was neither threatening nor friendly, just matter of fact.  Mike wasn’t sure if that made him feel better or worse.

“May I ask who you are?”  His eyes automatically skimmed local and scans to make sure there were no clear threats present as he set course for the docking bay.

“I apologize . . . I was rude not to introduce myself.  I am the current secretary treasurer of the Gallente Benevolence Association.  My name is Mr. Rioordan.”

“Ah, fine, has Mr. Javier . . . ?”

“He is now assigned to other tasks and I have taken over his files.  You are, of course, one of them.”

“Of course.  I have a current accounting for the funds and ships if you wish?”  Mike tapped a few keys and brought up the books for the prizes he had handed out.  “I am still working on the Myrmidon prizes but I hope to have those done soon.”

“I am sure everything is up to date and to our standards.  No, we have a new request of you.  Since you are not in a corp right now we would like you to form one in our name and be the ‘face’ for the GBA.  You can and should continue in you actions as you wish but we thought it would be an idea to have a corporate presence.”

Mike frowned.  “Do I have to open offices and recruit and all that?  Set taxes and worry about infiltration and theft from the coffers or hangers?”

“Totally up to you.  For tax purposes we need a corporate front.  Although I am curious why you would be stolen from when you tend to give ships away . . . ”

“You need to meet more pilots.  Usually what we want is ‘more’.”

“My predecessor assured me that funds in your hands were safe and well placed . . . are you not a pilot?”

Mike started to laugh.  “Yes, sadly, I am an honest one.  Which explains why I am always broke and looking wistfully at the funds you have me distribute.”

There was a long pause.  “No breakage?”

“Excuse me?”

“Breakage, the normal losses to a fund or stock that are a ‘service fee’ charged by the holder, in an unofficial sense.”

Mike’s eyes turned flinty for a moment.  “No.  You trusted me with the funds and told me how you wanted them distributed.  There was no mention of fees or breakage . . . and there won’t be.  If I want funds I damn well know ways to earn them.  None of them are fun or fast but they work, and so do I.  If you find fault with my books I expect to be held accountable . . . ”

“I see.”  There was a quiet pause as if the far end had been muted.  “I apologize, Mr Azariah.  Such implications will not be made again by this office.  You should be receiving a package with a logo, paperwork, etc. for the corporation.  I assume you can use the funds you have available for the incorporation fees and perhaps give out a small something as a celebration of this new step forward for the GBA.  But I would not want to give you any further direction than that.”

“So basically, I am just a storefront . .  . not a full operation?”

“If you wish that to be so, yes.”

Mike rubbed his jaw.  “I am going to have to do something to celebrate this . . . ”



And I am, Comment here . . . from now to the 15th of the month and you are entered into a draw . . . Gallente Hero channel style.  No entry fee, no fancy do this or that conditions . . . just a comment.  Prize, there is only one . . . (Megathron, Vexor, Incursus, Catalyst, Myrmidon) Yup, a set of the classic gallente ships. (should I include an iteron?)

Fine print:  Your comment needs to include the name of the character you want the prize to go to.  You also are allowed to name a charity such as Project Halibut and they will get the prize to distribute as they may.

Requisite begging:  I have had some donations in the past and I have turned around and had draws, sudden surprise gifts and the occasional contest.  Some of it was out of my own pocket, other parts were from the donations but . . . the books are telling the tale and soon I am going to have to replenish the stocks.  If you have spare ships, isk, even fittings or BPC’s such things are welcome.

fly it like you won it


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24 Responses to GBA Face

  1. noise says:

    Hey hey. 🙂

    noise is the character.

    I’m attempting to get some fiction into my blog posts. Having never written any before it is proving difficult but there will be some. Oh yes. 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      Easiest way to do fiction is write from what happens . . . or what you wished happened.


      • noise says:

        I currently am writing up the 1v1 fights I have as part of the EON Frigate tournament but there isn’t much fiction going on there.

        I want to write a story with a beginning, middle and end with fun bits between. I’m getting my wife to give me writing tips. She’s a smarty pants and has had complete distinctions on her course so far and there aren’t many more assignment for her to do.

        I guess I should try some short 1 blog post fiction first perhaps?

      • mikeazariah says:

        Sometimes it is an idea to shift the narration. Consider the viewpoint of a sports commentator covering the tourney. In depth interview or after competition review?

      • noise says:

        Thanks. Nice ideas.

  2. Lolmer says:

    Keep up the great posts Mike, many of us certainly enjoy them, plus your work with GBA (though perhaps you might want to join forces with Project Halibut, which you mention).

    Iteron Mark III perhaps, just for nostalgia. 🙂

    Myrmidon is my favourite for PvP, love that hull.

  3. bobfenner says:

    Hey Mike, great blog as always mate. Is there anything in particular you need that I could provide for you? As you know I nearly always have an excess of isk and am happy to throw some your way if thats the best thing to donate. 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      *laughing* I am not sure you want to advertise your balance . . . isk is always welcome and you can attach requests as to what sort of prizes you want to fund.

      I am trying to figure out other prizes . . . fittings are always such a specific thing that some folks have trouble with though I like faction and such to show the loyalties.


  4. snake alted says:

    Snake alted here. Relatively new to the game and I’m amazed people do this kind of stuff. I cant even afford my own ships, let alone give them away!

    • mikeazariah says:

      Once you play a while you will find things come and go easier. I think that is one of the key concepts of ‘release’ in the game. You are not your ship, they are tools. As such they are not as valuable as you think. That is why several bloggers, including myself have the advice of flying ships more recklessly.

      “Fly it like you won it”

      Means you can afford to take a chance, to lose or win but to have fun even when you do lose. When I fly with the Bastards (Which I should do again, real soon) I do not expect to come home in the same ship . . . but that does not mean I don’t have a good time.

      Isk comes with time but I hope you win this, maybe it will get you heading down a different path.


  5. Keilidh says:

    Good stuff, as usual. *concentrates real hard* Ooga booga booga, I am cursing your randomizer!

    • mikeazariah says:

      Damn it!

      For those of you who don’t know, K, here, has won a freakish amount of prizes. Partly through perverse luck and more through hanging around in the Gallente Hero channel and so qualifying for the random “I feel like giving a ship away” events that do happen.

      I know . . . there has to be a catch.

      does there?


  6. HardinSalvor says:

    If there’s anything BTL Pub can do to help the GBA, just yell. We had 285 online and climbing when I logged out after the conference. That’s a lot of helping hands.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I hope to see you in-game as there is a small favor I need from you . . . sorry I could not make the conference. Mothers-day and all that.


  7. Aqiz says:


    Always love drawings. Won my capital ship skill book in a drawing. Only cost me 30m.

  8. zargyl says:

    Quite an interesting proposal to act “just” as a front for some mysterious benefactor.. I guess I wouldn’t have made that deal with the Gallente Benevolence Association like you did. But on the other hand I am willing to hope that you will find out if there is anything fishy about it. I too am quite friendly towards the Gallente Federation and therefore wish you and your corp all the best. And may that mysterious benefactor turn out to be nice (and not one who hopes to hide a dark secret behind a benevolent front) 😉

    Zargyl a Minmatar based in Gallente space

    • mikeazariah says:

      It can be intimidating to know that you will be ‘the one blamed’ but holding the reins gives me first opportunity to know when things do go off the rails

  9. Stolen Steel says:

    Hello, love reading your blog. Count me in for the ship drawing please, character name: Stolen Steel.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Yer in, 5 days to go before the draw. And thanks for being a part of the blog.

      Oh, as an aside . . .I will try to remember to put this in a future ‘lessons’ most of the folks in my stories are based on players or npc’s. Be careful or you might wind up IN a story. I usually ask before doing it, though.


  10. Mark726 says:

    Just dropping in to say hi, this is the char name. Great blog as always, keep up the good work 😀

  11. Aeson Achilles says:

    My girlfriend’s account: Larayana

    She would appreciate it if she wins the draw. She’s just able to fly the Megathron now and still remembers flying with you before her break from EVE. Always nice to read your posts.


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