Communications: More or Less

“In the end,”  he said, “it all comes down to how well we talk to each other.”

‘What?”  She glanced up from her work to see Mike staring out the window at the ship floating in the hanger.

“Oh, don’t worry, I was thinking about the CSM and the fact that they can be both better and worse at communications at the same time.  They have gone with a more immediate Skype system to allow then to be talking and planning almost every day, not just at meetings.”

“Well that is good, more will get done.”  She nodded in approval.

“Hopefully, hopefully.  Thing is, nobody is keeping any public record of their discussions.  They got voted in but they are now making all their decisions in the legendary ‘smoke-filled back rooms’ and none of their deliberations see the light of day, just their decisions.”

“But they have already had a ‘fireside chat’.  They are talking to us.  Didn’t the Mittani also write an open letter to the pilots?”

“We are seeing the results but not the process.  I like to see how things are done . . . is it one hero driving through all the issues?  Are people all participating?  Who are the go-getters and who are the slackers?  When I was able to read the raw minutes this sort of thing emerged, allowed me to know what was going on.”

“So they are too quiet?”

“No, the thing is they are controlling the message in such a way that the idea of a united front is destroying individuality.  CSM6 might be remembered as a unit but not the people within it.”
She smiled.  “Except for the Mittani.”

“Yes, I have no doubt he will make sure his name is on things so everybody knows what great things HE has done.  The man knows how to control communications.  Even if they are solely for his own purposes.”

“So the rest are being gagged?”

“I thought so, but then I started chatting with Killer2 last night, after you went to sleep.”

“You know him?”

“Nah, just struck up a comm channel.”

She shook her head.  “You have no idea about how odd that is when you just ‘strike up’ conversations with people out of the blue.”

Mike shook his head.  “No, what is odd is how silent most people are out in space.  Anyways, I was talking to Killer and asked him about how communications to the public are going to be handled.  He was hoping that they would be settled within the week.  Again, beofre they even have their first official meeting they have . . . ”  Mike started to tick things off on his fingers.  “Settled the officers, given a Fireside Chat, Published an open letter, laid claims to being the best CSM for communications haveg both constant internal chatter going as well as another conversation with the ‘powers that be’ ((CCP))”

“Sounds like they are doing very well, then.”

“Yup, except for the part about us being able to see any of what is going on, how this is being accomplished, or even any hint that it is a democratic action.  When this was called into question Ripard Teg pointed this out . . . ”

One of the amusing big-ass holes in the CSM White Paper is that the CSM is not required to have any meetings at all.

IF there ARE meetings, the Secretary is required to document them and publish minutes to the players. But meetings themselves? Nope, nothing in the White Paper saying they have to happen. It just lays out a “recommended guideline” for meeting frequency. It also says the Chair and Vice Chair “may” summon the other representatives to these meetings. And of course, there’s notes about the sorts of things that should happen at these meetings, if they happen.

Interestingly, it also specifies that a meeting is only valid if there are seven representatives present. So Mittens can pull together five other reps on Skype, they can chat about something of note, and then break up a) without it being considered a meeting, and b) without the Secretary having to document it.

So, what CSM6 is doing is all perfectly legal.

“Since we have NO way of knowing what goes on in their private channels they can make all the decisions ‘off the record’ by rotating who is there and then do a pro forma meeting to ratify the decisions already made.  This will make the meetings almost a formality which they could eventually decide to skip.  They just continue with their spotlights and meetings on the side and go completely dark as far as the voting public are concerned.”

“But the firesides . . . ”

“Are a controlled environment where they answer questions, they are not letting us see how the decisions are being made.  I miss Teadaze and raw logs and I am not sure if the CSM6’s way of doing things is going to allow for that same level of transparency.  Maybe it is going to just be the cost of getting things done. I hope to know more after the first meeting.”

“Why? How will that make things any different?”

“Two things, first we will get to see if the meeting is a rubber stamp or an actual discussion and secondly I have asked Killer to add communications with the public to the agenda of the meetings.  He said ‘I can add it, if it’s not already resolved by then’ with a smile.  Nice guy.  One other thing he said, though, made me think of Ripards take on ‘meetings’.

 Perhaps raw chat logs is the best way to go, as discussions happen in the chat we copy the logs to the CSM forum. Any delegate who wasn’t around for those discussions can have a chance to respond in the forum.  After that the topic is moved to Jita Speakers Corner

Ya see, this would imply they are holding full meetings all the time, just not naming them as such.  The issue is volume . . . the logs would be huge and somebody would have to edit them before making them available for the voting public to keep any NDA from leaking out.”


“Top Secret stuff that we don’t need to know until it is ready.  Things the CSM covers and is not allowed to discuss with we voters yet.”

“You keep saying we voters . . . is that how you see yourself?”

Mike rubbed the back of his neck and blushed.  “I see myself as someone who tries to let folks know what is going on and I want to know, myself.  Was part of the reason I ran for office in the first place.  But Mittens sidelined us with scorn, calling the media an echo chamber and not representative of the pilot population as a whole.  He has also stated he feels no need to answer to anybody who didn’t vote for him so I guess he thinks he is only supposed to keep about 6000 pilots out of 300000 happy.  A 2% solution.  Nice, till you do the math.  Anyhow, I said it before and I will say it again.  I am not going to judge till I see the actions they take this week.”



We are in an MMO which means communications is a big thing.  Vent, skype, eve voice, chats in and out of the game, mail in and out of the game.  But I disagree with the old saying about not wanting to see how sausages and laws are made.  I want the transparency so we know who is working and who isnt.  I want it so I can see and cheer or complain.

No official meeting yet look how much the csm6 has done . . . I cannot decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  So I asked Killer2 when he happened into the CSM public channel.  But the funny thing is I took more hope from the fact that he was willing to chat than from anything specifically said.

So I keep an eye open and bore you lot with my take on it from time to time.

*grin* and I don’t include a tl:dr


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  1. Latrodanes says:

    About the only thing I’ve seen/heard is.Mittens talking a bit about Incarna on Ten Ton Hammer.

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