Battle evolution

Mike sighed happily as the double curve of the Crusader swept into a new system.  “See, Cher.”  he said into the comm.  “I was getting . . . . well, stale, sitting in one station.  I don’t gots the patience for station trading and since i was in Amarr . . . the nightlife left something to be desired.”

“I could come visit.”  She played with a length of red hair and smiled in a way that would make a blood raider find a new reason for his favorite color.

“Or I can come to you.  The Goons they done with the war and the other guys are only hanging out in small bits.  I got a body near nuff to you.”

“Where are you?”

“Amarr prime.”  He was docking up as he told her.  Keeping the comm link open while exiting a ship was a bit of a challenge but he did it fairly seamlessly.  A quick visit to the clone bays and he was a short hop from where he thought she was.  And she wasn’t there.

“Uh, Cher.  Where are you?”

“Three jumps from Amarr, now.  Think you can make the trip safely?”

Mike rolled his eyes.  “Yeah, only about 13 jumps for me.”

“You TOLD me you were in Amarr.”

“I was, and then I came to see you by jumpin a body and you came to see me.”  Mike grinned at the foolishness of it.  Look, you stay put, I am coming to see you.  You have dodged hostiles more than me, which ship would you recommend?”

“I usually use a shuttle.”

Mike shook his head looking through his hanger listings.  “I am on my way in a moment.  Patience, Cher, patience.”  He knew he was asking a lot, from her, as patience was not high up on her list of qualities (except she seemed to make an exception in his case)

The trip was . . . uneventful.  Oh there were war-targets in a few systems but they did not have a force or response time to catch a man on a date with a redhead.  Especially one in an interceptor.  Once he got there . . . . life was less uneventful.


Wars are a funny thing.  They make the space what it is supposed to be, dangerous.  Hisec residents react to them in a few ways.  Some ‘Turtle’ and stay in a station for the duration.  Others quit the corp because they want no part of it.  I have heard that some mercenary corps measure part of their success by the membership drop of a target alliance or corp.  I wonder if they also measure the success of a fishing trip by the number of fish that ‘get away’.

Some hisec corps actually rise to the challenge and fight back . . . with predictable consequences.

I spent some time in station . . . I never have the time for a full CTA although I did help in a couple of gate camps looking for clumsy war-targets.  But over the last few days I have been back to flying small ships for the fun of flying them.  Interceptors, lordy why bother with the big guns?  I keep an eye on the local and have the overview settings set, my ship is PvP fit and  . . .

Wait . . . something is happening . . . {pokemon flashback} . . .  Mike Azariah is evolving!


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