The last sort of tank is stupidity

Prepping for war is a long and expensive task.  Mike tried to feel better about it by reminding himself that he only had to do it once in a while and that the fit ships would always be there, after.

Didn’t help

Couple of rifters, a bomber, a cruiser or three, ships were shuttled to staging areas and set for pvp fits.  He spent some time researching and then he began to get silly.  He knew the fit was garbage but it was such interesting garbage and it had the added bonus of being part of his ongoing myrm project.

“Lords above, that thing is ugly”  He said to Ev standing back and looking at the newly outfitted Myrmidon.

Ev looked at it and started to laugh. “Mon, you had ta make it . . . you been talking ’bout how the Myrmidon is an anything tank . . . this was the last sort o tank for you to try.”

“Try?  Die in, ya mean.  Nobody tanks a BC this way.”

“Ah, Mon, dat gonna be your little surprise for them, then, ain’t it.  Doin what nobody in their right mind would be doin.”

Mike facepalmed.  “Ev there is not really a line between doing what folks don’t expect becasue it is so stupid and just being stupid.”

Ev slapped his back.  “Well, outcha go, it be ready.  It is gonna make one of two tings.  A pretty pile o wreckage or a really interesting killmail.”



I blame the Bastards and Bleys for making me like thinking outside of the box, when it comes to fittings.  Bleys likes to make surprise designs, the Bastards have fun with fun things to die in.

Have you ever fit something just for the hell of it, to be different?  My favorite legendary one is here

Oh, and when the Myrm dies, I will tell you what it was.  THEN you can laugh at me.


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