it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  WS

“So I left the holding corp a while back and joined an active one.”  Mike explained to Dee.  “Now I am wondering why I did.”

“I thought corps were a place to gather, find people to work with, discuss and learn.  Isn’t that what you told me?”  She handed him his coffee and then sat down with her tea.

“It was what I thought.  But it seems this new corp, new alliance . . . well maybe I am just getting too old for open comms.  Between the waving of virtual body parts, the exchange of images of dubious humor I feel like I am back in high school.”

She smiled, trying to picture him in high school.  “There must be some good to it.  You joined to be closer to fleets flying into the face of the Sansha.”

“It’s not like there be a whole corp of the fools, but you know what they say, ‘one bad apple spoils the barrel.’  And I have other comms that I contact folks on that are not dependent on corp or alliance.  I have copies of the Blacklists.”  He chuckled.  “I was talking with an FC who suggested we need another color list for pilots who aren’t out to grief but just irritating.”

She frowned.  “In the middle of a battle can you afford to get picky?”

“You have not heard the abuse some pilots will heap upon their fellows.  I know that some of the are under the influence of substances that are banned in many systems.  Others fly drunk or so tired that they fall asleep in the middle of the battle.  Things blowing up all around them and they doze off!  I am not sure the list would be a permanent thing . . . but there are some pilots I would follow to the hells and back there are others for whom I think the mute function of the comms was invented specifically for.  I have not been a fleet commander so I don’t know the true joy of herding cats, yet.”


“Hardin has been threatening to teach me some basic skills and get me into the FC slot for a few incursions . . . something about ‘my turn to be in the barrel’.”

She giggled and then looked worried.  “Is the fleet command position more dangerous?”

“Only to your sanity.  In my experience the ships we lose the most of are the logistics, they are the thin ones and a well timed barrage can almost erase them in an alpha strike.  Fleet commanders don’t fly those because they have enough to do and  . . . what?”

She was looking at him with a concerned expression.  “You fly logistics, you told me it was safe.  That you were just a repair unit.”

“Well, I may exaggerated the safety a bit.  If the Sansha get wind of what you are doing then they sometimes send a bit of love your way.  Most times the others on the logistics squad make sure you are kept right solid . . . hardly ever goes bad, anymore.  Anyhow.  I still have to fly a few more missions as a shooter to make sure I have the details down before I am willing to ask folks to sign up with me.

But back to the alliance and the corp.  I dunno, Couer, I just don’t know what to do.  I am a late comer and busy enough with my own projects that I don’t want to try to make waves.”

The door knock interupted whatever he was going to say next.  Mike went to answer it and returned with a trolley and four crates.

“What are those?”

Mike opened the note attacked to the top of them as she cracked open the top crate.

Saw these and though you might like them, I know you used to work on the early models,       Bleys

Mike looked up to see her looking down the wide barrel and covered the space between then swiftly, easing the weapon out of her hands.  “Non, Couer, maybe you know be looking into it like that, eh?”

“What are they?”

“When I was wit da militaire . . . .we was working on some weapons that no be runnin out of ammo so fast.  Dis was on o’ de ideas bein tossed about.  I never knew that made any for general distribution, though.  Wonder where that ol fox found these.”

“No amuunition?  Are they lasers then?  There are lots of those in the Amarr military.”

“No, not laser, not ‘xactly.  Nuclear.  These be what we called NSA’s, Nuclear small arms.”

“oh . . . oh my”




Go ahead, look in contracts, they exist.

A fact I did NOT know.  If you click on the icon next to a targeted ship, say a repair or gun icon it turns it off.  Kinda handy when you cannot remember which repper is connected to which ship.  Funny thing is I found this out accidentally during a battle and told the fleet.  Some knew but a few ships took damage as all the other logie pilots tried it out for themselves.  The FC was caught between laughing and telling me off for showing folks how to stop doing the job they were supposed to be doing.

Ever wind up in a cortp or alliance that is good, active, but maybe not thre right fit for you?  How long do you give it?

More Myrmidon fits coming up, about three posts in my mental hopper right now

fly them like you won them


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2 Responses to Barrels

  1. Jester says:

    I gave The Perfect Storm 60 days.

  2. 30-60 days depending on how bad it is. Usually finding a bad corp just drives me to go slightly inactive, or pushes me to find a better one quickly.

    That being said, I haven’t had to worry about it for a nice long while.

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