Icebergs and the CSM6

He accepted the condolences of a few folks as he crossed the hanger floor heading for his rooms.  Dropping his kit bag by the door he headed for the couch only to find it occupied.  Dee looked up at him and smiled sadly.  “How are you handling it?”

Mike slumped down next to her and sighed.  “I read about how old sailing ships used to have to watch out for these tings called ‘icebergs’.  They was dangerous because it wasn’t what you saw that gotcha.  For every bit that you saw, nine bits was hidden and maybe after ya.  I tink this election was a giant iceberg and the results are juss the tip o what is goin on.”

“Results are results.  How can there be anything hidden?”  Dee squirmed a bit till she was nestled under his arm.

“I been following the news and all the wailing and gnashin o’ teeth about how this will ruin the CSM and it will be an all Goon/NC/nullsec focus.  I tink folks is just looking at the tip o de iceberg.  For every public Goon there be a few hidden associates . . . industry or trade types that work for them in the background.  For every nullsec alliance agreeing botting is a bad thing there be someone in that alliance quietly automating mens jobs.  I tink that saying the ole Mittens and his crew are one trick ponies says a lot about not being able ta see below the waterline.”

Dee frowned.  “Does that mean you aren’t hurt or mad?”

“Oh, I woulda liked ta get in, wouldn’t have run, otherwise.  But hurt?  Nah, folks voted for me (I has no idea how many) and friends stood by me . . . even some total strangers sent me words of encouragement.  How can a guy get sad about someting like that?  No, no, coeur, I be doing juuuust fine.  I has other projects to attend to and I ain’t dead yet.”

He stretched and shrugged.  “But there still be the issue of the icebergs.  My big fear is that the CSM6 will muddy the water to the point that we won’t be able to see below the waterline, we will only see the tip.  Dat be when it is gonna be dangerous sailing.  And there is also the common sense approach of sailors who avoid icebergs.  If the CSM makes too big of a mess, sinking everything they see, CCP will just steer around them and take pictures from a distance.  Dey will become little more than a photo-op iffen they ain’t careful.”

Dee nodded to the room comm center.  “A lot of news stations have said that is all the CSM ever was.”

“Dey wrong.  Dead wrong.  Anybody who looked close could see all the ice and how cool some o dem was in CSM5.  No, I ain’t tinking this be the end o’ da CSM, just a different ‘berg.  But I sail in these waters so I be keeping a close eye on it till I know where and what the hidden bits be.”



Unlike a lot of sports, losing an election does not mean the game is over, it means you have a different role to play.

I want to thank everyone who voted, especially those who voted for me, sorry if that vote didn’t get anything accomplished.

I’d advise most of you to stop with the tears and watch to see what happens next.  Yes Goons won . . .so what?  They got the majority within the rules of the election, enough with the calls of foul.

Looking forward to the first meeting of CSM6



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6 Responses to Icebergs and the CSM6

  1. Bel Amar says:

    Let me add some counters to that.

    There are two issues that are of genuine concern. Yes, people should still wait and see how it plays out, but until that happens, concern is a valid response.

    Firstly, the chair won on a campaign of belittling the efforts of previous CSMs whilst promising to be an aggressive pain in the arse for CCP. Both of those indicate that he will try and kick over ants nests at CCP. If it turns out badly (which I admit, it may not), then we have an ineffective CSM for a year and more concerningly, internal CCP staff may lower their opinion of the CSM, diminishing the voice of players through this channel. Of course, the possibilities are that his approach doesn’t fly with the rest of the CSM, or even if it does, that it turns out to be effective, in which case the concern is unfounded. But I’d say both of those results are less likely than the more concerning option.

    The second issue of concern is one I’ll use your iceberg analogy to expand on. Lets say that you’re right, and that the CSM isn’t a one trick pony, that for the single issue we people fear they will be concerned about there’s a whole raft of them below the surface that they can’t see. The problem is, that even if this is the case, 7 out of 9 of them are part of the NC, so they’ll all be looking at those problems from the same perspective. This means that there will likely be fewer “alternate viewpoints” and there will be less discussion to try and reach consensus. CCP devs won’t get a good “cross sample” of player reaction to an idea, just the reaction from one aspect of the player base. If that happens, we either see biased results coming out of the CSM changes, or we see the devs listening to the CSM less if it becomes clear they can’t get a balanced perspective.

    Of course, neither of those issues are the end of the earth, nor even the end of CSM. They may not play out, and this may blow over. But by the same token they’re not imaginary fear-mongering responses either, they are real possibilities that may arise if things aren’t done carefully to avoid them.

  2. mikeazariah says:

    Oh I am not saying to abandon concern, no more than Edward Smith should have ignored icebergs. Just trying to get people to calm down and pay attention to what IS happening rather than what COULD happen.

    I agree that having a unified voice and mind is worrisome. If they cannot see other than the things on their own plates then a lot of the buffet will be ignored.

    But if I did not make it clear before . . . I will be watching and commenting. I don’t think that Mittens farts rainbows or that Vile rides a unicorn into the meetings. I do worry (slightly) that this could be some sort of grand showboat of the Goons to drag the spotlight firmly on them once again. So I watch and wait.


  3. H says:

    Well, I voted for you Mike. Can I make a suggestion? You’re a great candidate for the CSM, but you spent far too much time lingering on page 2 in Jita Park.

    A planned campaign with some of the planks spread out over a few days giving all and sundry the chance to comment and ask questions on (keeping you at the front of the queue) would have helped imho.

    Hope you do stick your oar in again though!

  4. D says:

    To continue your iceberg analogy:
    If the top 1/10th of the iceberg is made of ice, you can logically guess that the bottom 9/10ths of the iceberg is still an iceberg, even if you don’t know exactly what it looks like.
    When you look at the new CSM – what does the top 1/10th look like?

  5. mikeazariah says:

    To a certain extent, that is why I have adopted a wait and see attitude. I want to evaluate the visible more than just looking at the obvious features . . . nullsec, trolls, goons etc. I stopped having a prejudice against Goons as a knee jerk reaction a long time ago. Helen Highwater went a long way to curing me of that.

    There ARE times when I want to take bets on how long before the removal of the first CSM6 member happens. I am not sure if it will happen out of spite or NDA or just plain lack of ability to dedicate the time to the job.

    Give them time, let us see whether the term matches the election. Sometimes you may be surprised. Then again, there is a distinct chance that the election was the top of the iceberg . . . and then we are due for more of the same.

    I have no idea what will happen then.


    • Bel Amar says:

      Helen Highwater and the Mittani have just convinced me that there are articulate, erudite goons out there. They haven’t done much to convince me that the rest of the Goons reputation is unwarranted 🙂

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