Starter Myrms

It took a while, going back through his files to find the plans.  He had flown a few fittings of Myrmidons and loved the adaptability of them.  That was when he had been more of a wanderer.  Carrying bpc’s of ammo so he could reload at any factory.  A container in the hold that held alternative builds . . .

[Myrmidon, T1 only]

Salvager I
Small Tractor Beam I
4x 250mm Railgun I (Uranium Charge M)

10MN Afterburner I
4x Cap Recharger I

2x Medium Armor Repairer I
Damage Control I
2x N-Type Adaptive Nano Membrane I
400mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

3x Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

2x Ogre I
2x Hammerhead I
1x Hobgoblin I

5x Hammerhead I

5x Hobgoblin I


He remembered flying this, pulsing the repairs as he buzzed around the battle then fitting the CCC’s and being stable as could be.  The mixed group of drones were a nice mix and could sweep a field while he tapped targets to get their attention.  The Khanid kingdom had come to respect him after a few weeks of proving his worth time and again.  But then there was the shield version . . .

[Myrmidon, shieldt1]

4x 250mm Carbide Railgun I (Antimatter Charge M)
Salvager I
Core Probe Launcher I

4x Large Shield Extender I
Invulnerability Field I

5x Shield Power Relay I
Damage Control I

Medium Core Defence Field Extender I
2x Medium Core Defence Field Purger I

1x Hobgoblin I
2x Hammerhead I
2x Ogre I
5x Hobgoblin I
5x Hammerhead I

High slots and drones were the same but oh the damage this could soak up.  Oddly, even though the Myrmidon was supposed to be an armor tank the shield version did so well that its passive defence rivaled the control of incoming dps.

Mike nodded to Ev and tossed him the fittings.

“You crazy, mon.  You can fit these all tech 2, why you going back to ya roots?”

“Want to remind folks about how we started, maybe let a couple of newer pilots try them out and let me know how they change them or improve on them.”

“Lendin out ships be risky, mon.  You be making them give you some collateral, eh?”

He shook his head and smiled.  “If they give me a decent report on how they liked them . . . they keep the ships.  Fit them up and I will take each out for a shakedown cruise.  You set it up while i go talk to an agent or two.”

“Mon, you giving these folks Battlecruisers?”

Mike nodded.  “They are friends of a friend.  Look fit them out for me Ev. Please?”

“You go get something ta do.  I have dis ready by the time you back . . . man I gonna have to dust off stuff from the back o your hanger for some o these tings.”



Have you tried flying old fits or T1, after you graduated to bigger and better things?  I enjoyed my test runs and look forward to my volunteers who are going to fly them with barely adequate skills to do so.  I ran a level 3 combat mission in each . . . cake walks.

Next up will be flying t2 versions.  I am not sure if I can afford any named toys . . . .

Then come other aspects.  If you have sugggestions for fittings PLEASE let me know. Especially if you fly Myrms in special situations such as wh’s or incursions or lowsec ratting.

fly it like you won  it and if you keep hanging about you might (if I can keep K from entering)



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2 Responses to Starter Myrms

  1. Ty Delaney says:

    I’d been flying a Navy Vexor on my route to Heavy Assaults, having decided fairly early on that I didn’t need to get into really big ships to contribute to a group — I still feel that way.

    However… I’m working on getting my stating up, so my tiny little corp can anchor a tower in Gallente hi-sec, and that meant (eventually) gaining access to and running level 3s and level 4s.

    I got Angel Extravaganza, and my Navy Vex did fine — I figured I had all the ship I needed until I could finally get into the Ishtar that’s sitting in a hangar, waiting for me.

    Then I did a COSMOS level 3, and lost the Vex. In a bit of a rage, I headed straight to Dodixie and replaced it, refitting with even better gear. I beat the mission that had cost me a million-isk ship…

    … and then lost the 2nd one a few days later to another level 3 COSMOS mission.

    So I remembered this post, and came back here, and took a long hard look. Did some research. Played around on EFT and Battleclinic. Bought a few skillbooks and set them cooking.

    And in the end, I flew out of the station in a new Myrmidon fitted out pretty much like your armor tank, albeit a kind of Tech1/Tech2 hybrid, that STILL cost me 2/3rds as much to fit as just the naked hull of Navy Vexor.

    I named it “Stand Up Eight”, as in “Fall down seven times…”

    I’m still working toward my HAC and teir2 logistics ships, but in the meantime?

    In the meantime I’m really happy I read this post.

    And those COSMOS-mission serpentis bastards aren’t, which I consider a plus.

    Thanks, Mike.

  2. Ty Delaney says:

    I’ve fitted out a second Myrmidon for WH exploration and anomaly-running — it’s basically your build above, (with a mix of meta4/tech2 fittings), dropping one gun and the tractor beam to fit a cloak and a probe launcher, and then spreading out the tank to include 2 reppers, three specific hardeners, and an EANM, since sleepers kind of hit everything.

    I wasn’t sure if you wanted people to share their builds, or share their *desire* for builds, so I’ll refrain from including the EFT printout unless you say otherwise.

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