“So, why you be lookin at these here ships?”  Ev layed out the designs and started making notations.

“The GBA asked that I do some work with Battlecruisers, so of course they wanted a Gallente one up first.  The Myrmidon is an odd duck . . . I mean look at the sales literature . . . ”

Worried that their hot-shot pilots would burn brightly in their eagerness to engage the enemy, the Federation Navy created a ship that encourages caution over foolhardiness. A hardier version of its counterpart, the Myrmidon is a ship designed to persist in battle. Its numerous medium and high slots allow it to slowly bulldoze its way through the opposition, while its massive drone space ensures that no enemy is left unscathed.

Battlecruiser Skill Bonus: 10% increase to drone hitpoints and damage dealt by drones, and 7.5% increase to armor repair amount per level

99% reduction in the CPU need of Warfare Link modules.

“Ya mon but it be flying vertical, not natural, dontcha know?”

Mike smiled laying a hand on the prints.  “I come to the fight on my feet.  I leave upright, as is how it should be.”  He sighed.  “I am gonna need quite a few of these . . . make me a list of what I need to ship in for materials.”

“Ya, got it.  So, speaking of leaving vertical . . . the election be over, oui?”

Mike nodded.  “I dunno how I did, before you ask.  Got a nice note from the election board saying it is gonna be almost a week counting ballots.”

“Aw results don’t count for much, what I wanna know is if you figure you left standing up.”

“I didn’t sling too much mud.  I stuck to my game plan, faulty as it may be.  Yeah . . ”  Mike laughed, “I figure I am still upright.  Oddest thing was that I didn’t get much mud slung my way.  I dunno if it was because I was too small a target or ‘just not worth it’.”

“Mon, iffen they ever let us dock folk vote, ya knows I’ll consider tossing one your way.”

Their laughter rolled out across the floor.  “I know one thing I would like to see fixed by whoever gets in.”  Mike growled.

“What dat be?”

“Bloody Concord.  The laws here in hisec are . . . well . . . screwed up beyond belief.  I was in a fleet of 45 ships going in after a Sansha Mothership last night.”

“Aintcha supposed to have ’bout 60 in a fleet for that job?”

“Yeah, but we had a good set of logistics and a good FC and we were willing to give it a shot.  So in we go and start hitting and being hit.  The FC is keeping calm and the logies are doing their jobs.  Nobody is even hitting 50% shields, call are answered and everything is nice.  Then I get the notice that I am now considered an aggressor.”

“For what?”

“We were betrayed.  One of the people in our fleet purposely stole from his allies outside of the fleet so when we healed him we became free shoot targets for the allies.  A set of hurricanes warped in and started after our logistics chain.”

“Which you was a part of.”

Mike ran his hand through his hair.  “Yeah.  Only saving grace was that the hurricanes were very amateur at springing the trap.  We were in a tight group, we logistics and they should have had us all pointed and locked and then dismantled us.  Instead they got one on the field and chased another down at a planet.  Nine logistics for the taking and they only got two.  As was said in fleet . . . it was a good trap except the teeth were dull and the spring was weak.  We got the rest of the fleet clear and an armor fleet went in to finish the Mothership.  The mission was accomplished, just not by us.”

“So you giving up on that sort o’ ting?  Iffen it be so dangerous?”

“No, the names, corp and alliance were noted as well as the betrayer.  Their names get passed around and they are no longer welcome.  They get their fun, once.  If I let traps like that scare me off then I would not be what I am.”

“And what be that, Captain?”

Mike straightened from the prints.  “Upright.”



I do not know how we can fix the aggro mechanic . . . but something needs done or incursions will fail at being a public activity.  Maybe in incursion space we could go back to the old aggro mechanic of individual aggro is fleet aggro.  I would love to see a fleet able to defend its own without worrying about Concorddocken.

For those who voted in the election, well done.

For those who voted for me . . . .thank you, I love you both.  🙂

The Myrm project is getting off of the ground . . . .I hope to have trials of it in many faces of eve, from new fittings for a low skill class player up to incursions and roams.  The Bastards have already agreed to help with the grand finale in which many bothans Myrmidons will die to get you the information you need.

If you have never seen this image, I won’t steal it but I will link it . . . Myrmidon cross section Go, look at it, it is worth it.

fly it like you won it



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2 Responses to Upright

  1. Gilbert Hamilton says:

    Great post and great story! Sorry if it was SN that was involved… 😉

    • mikeazariah says:

      Pfffft, no I do not think you guys were . . . you should be able to tell because I do NOT call your traps dull and weak and usually you guys are better organized and wouldn’t let so many targets get away


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