Post debate.

He staggered back to the Green Room and grabbed a coffee and a pastry.  Closing his eyes he leaned back on the couch and sighed.

“So, how did it go?  Scotty asked.

“You didn’t listen?”  Mike inquired without opening his eyes.

“Sure I did, just want your opinion.”

“It was well organized, Jayne and Jade did a bang up job as did Hallen.    They had us organized as to order of format so nobody would be caught short or off guard.  They didn’t give us the questions in advance but they did give us a copy as we went along on the prompter so our answers could stay on topic.”

‘What did you think of the questions?”

Mike laughed.  “I think they were custom made for the first person asked and wicked, in their own way.  Each one poked at the candidates in a slightly subtle way.  I have to give the writers crdit on that one.  Take the first question . . .”

In these elections there has been discussion that the null sec alliances are trying to control the CSM and have all of their candidates elected.  Firstly, do you believe this is really happening?  If it is, how could these null sec CSM members reassure the players that all of their concerns will be heard, not just the ones related to null sec issues?  Lastly, should CCP find a way to ensure that the CSM is made up of a diverse playerbase instead of the popularity contest it is now?

“Asking that when one of the candidate has gone on record as being part of a power-block that includes the Mittani, VileRat and others had me chuckling.  Or the one they asked me . . .”

With the Dominion expansion we saw a lot of focus on the PVP side of EVE.  More recently, with the Incursion expansion we saw the focus turn to the PVE side with more content being added.  Where should CCP be focusing more of their attention in the future?  Is there a way to blend these two playstyles?  What would encourage pvp’rs to do pve content and pve’rs to do pvp content?  How can the CSM help with this?

“That was a dig?  You took it like it was a softball pitch low and outside.”  Scotty said.

“I think a lot of folks expect a person to be one thing or another, hunting fellow capsuleers like a rabid wolf or else cuddling up next to agents or mining drones like a lamb.  It is these broad brushes that disguise the fact that almost nobody is just ‘one thing’.  So I took the question as that . . . mainly focusing on the concept that it is NOBODIES job to tell you what to do or how to do it.  It is a big universe . . . the next one, aimed at Krutoj was the one I regretted the most.

There has been a lot of talk about low-sec space and how it is ‘broken’.  What solutions do you have to help increase the popularity of low sec and make it someplace players want to go?  What fixes should be made to things like Faction Warfare to reinvigorate these long forgotten additions?  How can you being on the CSM ensure that these types of things happen?

“Regretted?  Why?”

“Because I took a cheap shot at Mynxee and CSM5.  I didn’t mean to but it is how it sounded.  People keep talking about how to solve lowsec and if people dedicated to that prospect worked really hard and got very little traction I think perhaps a new approach will be in order, aside from mouthing platitudes and offering to move more isk into low to draw the carebears into the pirates reach.”  Mike sipped his coffee.  The last question could have been asked of me, a couple of years ago, and I ran then, too . . .”

Each candidate has varying levels of experience.  How much experience do you think a candidate should have to be an effective CSM member?  Do you think a newer player has things to offer that say a veteran doesn’t?

“The young kid in the debate handled it fairly well and I have to give him kudos for facing off against veterans.”

“You regret the cheap shot against the devs you took in your answer?”

“Nope, and you should have seen the face of Jade.  Almost did a ‘spit-take'”

“So, you liked the questions, how do you think you did?”

“I’ll have to give it a listen when it comes out.  Tell the truth I could not tell you what my answers were in any detail.  That a bad thing?”

“Nope, it is because you don’t answer from a platform or a set of prepared responses.  You answered with what you thought.  When is it going to go public?”

“Maybe Monday?  Election is well under way but I hope we manage to sway a few votes that are, as yet, uncommitted.”

“Keep hoping, come on, I’ll buy you a drink.”



Amazing how fast two and a half minutes can go when you are trying to get a point across.

I had a great time and when I get the link for the Lost in Eve debate I will put it here.

Not to late to vote for me, yet.




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