Green room

Scotty watched him pace about the room with a wry grin.  “With modern materials you are going to have to do a lot of walking before you manage to wear a rut.”

“Huh?”  Mike looked about and then returned to look out the window.  “Just nervous is all.  I am not cut out for this sort of thing.  Shooting lasers, missiles, guns of any sort, yes.”

“Oh you have shot your mouth off more than once, I think.  You have enough experience for this.”  Scotty refilled his coffee cup and helped himself to another pastry on the table.  “Just keep to your gameplan . . . ”

“Gameplan?  What the hell are you talking about?  I always feel like I am just making it up as I go along.”  Mike threw his hands up in the air.  “I never seem to have all the things the other candidates do.  I don’t have prizes for posters.  I Don’t have solutions for how to fix all the problems of the universe . . . ”

“Are you supposed to?”

“THEY seem to think so.  I thought this was all about presenting a voice for the people, not telling them what they should think.  I mean fine, if you have a huge alliance you get to have them vote for you.  Comes with the territory, I suppose.  I am not in an alliance right now.”

“Thought you didn’t like lying.”


“You are in an alliance, you just don’t have the papers to prove it.  You have friends, pilots you fly with, you have the Gallente Hero folks.  For you alliances are not a logo and a corp office they are personal contacts and friends.”

Mike scuffed his feet.  “Not the same thing.”

“No, it is not. It is something better.  A lot of the people who will vote for you will do so because they know you.  Not out of some corporate orders but because they actually have chatted with you, in a bar, over coffee, whatever.”

“Yeah, but now . . ”  he swung his arm at the door, “this.”

“No different.  Talk to the people, not at them.  Show them who you are, not who you think they want you to be.  Be yourself, that way when they vote for you there will not be massive disappointment later.”

Mike paused.  ‘That’s why others have won, isn’t it?  Mynxee never made any bones about who she was . . . neither did some of the others.  They stood there and were who they were.”

“Doing it again.”

“Doing what?”

“Admiring the other candidates.  Bet if I didn’t interupt you you would start gushing about some of them.”

“Council . . . means something to me.  It is nine voices and they are going to have to get along.  Not always agree but be willing to give and take and listen to each other.  I will not burn bridges before I even get a chance to cross them.”

A soft chime filled the room, followed by a female voice.  “Two minutes.”

Mike nodded.  “Thanks Scotty.”

“Be your own fool self.  If they force you to talk about specific fixes . . . go ahead, talk.  But make DAMN sure they know you aren’t trying to rewrite the universe all by yourself.”

Mike adjusted his jacket and grinned.  “Qui, moi?  I don know nuthin bout rewritin stuf, barely able to spell as it is . . . most likely I’d have to run a poor spellchecker ta death to git anythin dun attall..”

Scotty laughed and waved as Mike stepped out for another round of interviews and to face a townhall meeting.


If you are up in hisec, enjoying the game and wondering what the hell all this is about.

CSM election time is almost upon us.  I am running to represent the players.  All the veterans down in nullsec are aware of this and they vote . . . a lot.  On the other hand the new players are very under represented.  sometimes I think it is more out of ignorance than apathy.  They just don’t even know what this is all about.  So they don’t vote.

I am asking, if you tripped across this post, if you fly and wonder about all the politics and metagaming, if you think it would be nice to have some guy on the CSM who is not in the pocket of the huge alliances.

Vote for me



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