[CSM] Lie down with dogs

He settled the ship down into the hanger and looked out at the construction of the balconies along the living quarters of the capsuleers.  “That is gonna be some view when they finish it.”  He said to himself.  Sliding down the gantry ladder to the deck below he caught a small shuttle to the nearest bar and settled down at a table.  There was an ad for the elections running on the holo.

“I don’t trust a damn one of them.  Won’t catch me voting.”  A pilot at the next table declared.  “Who wants to encourage a bunch of politicians to make more noise than they already do?”

“Bloody well right.”  His companion agreed.  “Ya know how to tell if a politician is lying?”

The chorused the answer “His lips are moving.”

The third at the table started laughing, holding a local news fax.  “Did you see this?  One of them there candidates says he is gonna cut through the bull and give us ‘The raw, ugly truth. No pretty illusions. No false promises.'”

“They all say that sorta thing.”

“Yeah, but all of them got the balls to say it when their past history includes being a famous spymaster AND a lawyer?  Two of the most disreputable professions whose stock and trade are lies?  Damn, voting for this guy would only be to see how much of a mockery he will make of the election.”

“Why would he make a mocke . . . don’t tell me, Goon?”

“Leader of, ayup.”  The fax was thrown to the side and they demanded that the channel be changed to something more interesting, like a live Jita cam.

Mike finished his drink and headed back to his quarters.  He had not said a thing back there for two reasons.  First, the audience did not seem to be receptive to hearing anymore about the reception.  Secondly he was not sure whether he agreed or disagreed with them.  He had posted his intent in the coms of Jita park.  He had answered questions that Mynxee had tossed him.  But was he a politician?

He went to the coms and called up the meaning of the word.

<blockquote>One engaged in politics, especially an elected or appointed government official; Specifically, one who regards elected political office as a career; A politically active or interested person; A sly or ingratiating person</blockquote>

Well, some of it applied.  He shook his head.  “I do it because someone needs to.  I do it because I think I can do it right.  Problem is . . . how do I convince other folks of that?”

As if his comm had been waiting for the question it chimed.  “blay blay . . .debate . . . vlah blah . . . before election . . . bliy Garheade and Eve Commune.”  He keyed in a quick acceptance and then looked to his calender to see if he actually could make it.  “Excellent”

He set the com to the side and looked into a mirror and smoothed his hair back.  “I ain’t a politician in the bad way, but I knows how the game be played.  And being in the election don’t make me a snake or a liar anymore than being in church makes me an Amarran priest.”  He smiled at himself and nodded.  ‘I can live wit dat.”


Well yeah, the election is coming.  Should see the official candidates list in a day or so.
But some folks have gotten off to a running start.
See Jita Park Speakers Corner to see some of the platforms, good and bad.
Did I take a cheap shot up there?  Maybe.  But I don’t think so.
I am a politician in that I am interested in serving . . . . I don’t have specific things I want to push through or personal axes to grind
I do have opinions, though.  Be fibbing if I said I didn’t
when the time comes, I’d appreciate your vote.
Till then, I’d appreciate some of you to comment on the forums to bump my campaign post back to the first page.


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