CSM6 Luminaire morning: 3rd party apps, staggered elections

::filler music ends::

“And we are back.  Next on Morning Luminaire our guest is a capsuleer who has begun to make a bit of a name for himself.  He is running for the CSM and is here to answer a few questions . . .and cook breakfast for us.  Welcome Mr. Azariah.”

“Please, mon petite, it is Mike.  If I make a pretty lady breakfast I insist that we are on a first name basis by then.”

“So what breakfast will you be making for us today and what shall we talk about while you make it?”

“Ah, you give me so much in the way of choice . . . well I will be making you an omelette au fromage et jambon.  I thought while I was cooking it up we might talk a bit about some issues with a couple of larger CSM/CCP issues.”

“You mean like jump bridges?”  She asked as he scooped up a frying pan and set it over a high heat to warm up.  He then took a knife and swiftly started chopping ingredients and setting them in little piles to one side.

“No, though that is worth talking about.  I was thinking about the larger issues, rather than the specific singular ones.  For instance, the election and seats themselves, term limits, that sort of thing.”  He looked critically at the pan then dropped some water from his finger tips and watched it boil off.  “Not hot enough yet.”  He began breaking eggs one handed and whisking them with a a bit of water.

“Do you think that the terms or term limits need changing?”

“Well a friend of mine in the industry made a proposal for a change to the election and the way terms run (1) Basically he thinks that the election should be broken down into specific seats representing aspects of the capsuleer life AND the terms should be staggered so there is always someone with at least six months experience on the council.”  He dropped water again into the pan and this time the ball off water skittered across the surface.  “Perfect.”

“So what are your opinions about his proposal?”  She watched as he dumped the eggs into the hot pan and turned the heat down while swirling the pan to spread the water and egg mixture.  “Do you agree with him?”

“Yes . . . and no.  I like the idea of staggered seating so their is continuity in the council without the risk of a total change on any given election.  That would make for more elections but would give a more stable platform for change.  It is a good idea.  The way to implement it would be to offer a the top half of this years elected folks the choice of staying for 1 yr or 18 months.  If any turned it down you would go to the next highest vote earner till half the council was set to be a longer term.  The sad thing is that this job has hurt a lot of folks.”

“Hurt?  But you capsuleers are virtually immortal.”

“Ah, my little cabbage, there is pain and there is pain.  Not all of it ends with a death.  The burnout rate for elected officials has been a significant factor of late.  Teadaze, whom I admire greatly both for his work in the council and in Agony has announced that he going planetside and not flying at all anymore.  We lost a good person to the ‘privelege of serving’.”

A layer of cheese was dropped in, following spices and chives, then the diced ham and another layer of cheeses.  “I like cheddar and mozza for this, about two to one ratio, but you may like it different.”  He set a cover on the pan and turned it all the way down to simmer.  “Now the second item that is being talked about is one of business.  At the risk of sounding like a Caldari . . . ”

The interviewer smiles.  “I doubt anybody would mistake you for that.”

Mike grinned back wickedly.  “Especially not in a dark room, right?”

Her giggle and blush did not look rehearsed.

“Well there be some folks who are making programs to upgrade the capsuleers interface.  They are not hired by ‘the powers that be’ but instead are just talented common folk.  Problem is one of legality and licensing.  It is nice to see the folks making the effort but bad because they cannot get a license to make a profit or even collect a single isk for what they are doing.”

“Because . . . ”

“Well, probably because the big corps don’t want a half-assed job connected with their name but they be throwing out some very very good programs in fear of a single bad one.  That is a big big mistake.  Problem is deciding who gets to be the gatekeepers and decide who does and does not allow the licenses to be issued.  If the big boys are busy with their own projects then they will just issue a pretty wide blanket of NO.  As soon as they let one small third party start to profit and then shut the door to others it looks more like nepotism or favoritism and that is no good for anybody.”

“So who would decide?”

“Exactly, who cleans up after the janitors.”


“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes.  It is an old saying and it actually means . . .  ah, now I fold the omelette and flip it gently one time in about two minutes . . who guards the guards.  It is NOT a job for the CSM, they have enough work to do without piling a side job like this onto their plates.  I am not even sure this should be put to an election.  I think that the ‘powers that be’ should recruit and build a team of folks to test and evaluate and then report back to them.  If it passes the beta test team then negotiations can begin to monetize and contract the application to the profit of all concerned.  The beta feedback will, of course, go both to the writers and the powers and the finished project will be the best for all concerned.”  He lifted the lid off and smiled.  “Et Violin.  It is done.”

She handed him a large plate onto which he slid the omelette.  “Will you cut it into pieces?”

The grin was very wide.  “No, I am sure we can share this on one plate, all the better to be close, no?”

She turned to the camera and was a very flushed and flustered interviewer as she closed off this segment of the show.



Yeah, I can cook an omelette

and yes, this is how I think on the topics.  Garheade asked that I put my opinions out there.  Eve Commune is a podcast . . . I was guest host on one episode but you don’t have to go listen.


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  1. H says:

    Hey Mike, have chucked a question or two your way at Jita Park. And you went from page 2 to page 1. Kinda thinking you need a bit more exposure …

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