Gifts, Given and Received

He stood at attention, more formal than most people had seen him before.  “5Cott, in recognition of the work you have done as a leader in the battles against the incursions of the Sansha the Gallente Benevolence Aassociation has authorized me to award you with this command ship Astarte.  You may fly it, save it, or pass it on to another person you thinki is deserving of it.”

His reaction was similar to the one Wedgetail had shown.  Disbelief followed by a measure of shock.  “Really?”  The pilot sat up straighter in his seat.

Ferr was laughing in the background.  “That’s the thing.  Nobody ever believes he is doing what he says he is doing.”  Ferr was also engaged in explaining why Sbeau was the hero of the hour having just made his sec status drop from ‘4.4 to -7.7 in two seconds’.

MJike completed the transfer of the ship to 5cott concluding the commendation with the note that he and Wedge were two of the top four pilots in one of the very early incursions and had not slackened the pace since then.  But there was another pilot to speak to.

“Ferr, stand still boy.”  Mike commanded, still at attention.  “The GBA has also . . ”

“No way.”

“Yup, can you even fly an Astarte?”  Mike asked with a grin.

“No, not for a very long time.  That is a lot of training.  Look, can I give it back and ask that you reward Sbeau instead?  He brought a smart-bombing vessel into a hisec incursion and used it to sweep the thieves away just before we finished off the super-carrier.  He was the reason that a fleet finally manged to see the full  fruits of their labor.  He was, of course, destroyed by concord soon after but he has been getting donations and thanks ever since.  I think we ought to . . ”

Mike held up his hand. “Say no more.  Sbeau, your wallet ought to be flashing by now.  Ferr, I will be speaking to the GBA about your noble sacrifice and we will see what can be done.”

**late edit**

A day later Mike was roaring with laughter seeing the contract Ferr had now created selling the corpse of the most notorious seagull/ninja Darth Mustache.  The bidding was up to 202 mill.


“Happy Valentines”  He said, handing her a ribbon.

She followed the ribbon to the ship it was attached to, a Firetail.  Mike wisely kept his mouth shut about why he had chosen that specific ship.  He did note that he, coincidentally, had another one juuuust like it and reminded her of the promise to come hunting with him.  She put him off, again.


Damn the Firetail was a nice little ship, even if she would not come out to play he had to take it for a test ride . . . ah, a plex in hisec, most likely cleaned out but maybe he could do some simple target practi . . . whoa!

The ship wove and danced, The speed was exhilarating even if it was just with an afterburner.  Mike admired the lines and dropped one frigate after another, scooped a key and continued in deeper.  And deeper.  Deeper still, this plex seemed to ectend as a long chain till he arrived at some last site where the well-protected leader was flying.

“Oh lordy, missiles”  Mike whispered as the guards launched wave after wave.  “And jammers?”  Nothing was targetable and his hand drifted towards the warp to sun gtfo button.  “Hell, no”

The afterburner lit and the ship spun and screamed off in a random direction leaving all of the enemies strung out behind him.  Then, as his shields replenished he cut speed down and played ‘wounded duck’ drawing the fastest out to play.  Time and again he would turn and slash through the pack and a few more wrecks would remain before hurtling off again, shields almost gone.  Finally he managed to get the leader even though many of the guards remained.

“Keep the eye on the prize”  he shot stright through the pack of the enemy ships and slowed only to scoop . . . a small shield booster?  That’s it?  And some crummy personal effects . . . ”  Mike sighed and set a course for jita to see what they would sell for.



Sometimes I think Eve loves me almost as much as I love it.  The crummy small shield booster sold for 170 mill, me not being greedy and letting someone else make a profit when they resell it.  That helped pay for the Firetails and had some left over to have some more fun in the near future.

Seagulls, thieves of the fleet drops in the finale of incursions . . . lookout.  There are a LINE of people waiting to go disco on your ass and pop your pods for good measure.  Sbeau told me that he has been paid well over a 130 mill so far and he still is getting 1 million isk donations out of the blue for what he did.

and yes, I did give two pilots Astarte command ships for what they have been doing.  No, neither are members of my corp or alliance no people that I know IRL.  Gallente Hero channel is very strange that way.  We chat we goof around, and we honour those who have stepped up in incursions.



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