The Little Tings

“Ya know?  It be the little tings that need the most attention.”

“No, that does not explain how the CSM is like the Sansha, it just be making it more confusing.”

The patois that the two were talking in was a Gallente quirk.  The more they spoke the more the words would shift mix, or misconjugate.  It was the bane of language teachers across New Eden but it, as has already been said, a thing of cultural heritage.  The capsuleer and the dockyard worker were doing a walk-around three new command ships.

“Ok, take the CSM for starters.”  Mike tried to explain, waving his hands.  “Some folks put out these huge campaign platforms which mainly try to get a voting bloc formed of people who fly the same as them.  Mynxee had the pirate vote, Goons would vote Goon. Roc will probably get the Minmatar in shades vote.”

“Dat be how it works, mon.  Each of you politicians carve out your pieces and hope it be big enough to let you sit at da table.  So which piece you going for?”

“See, now there is the problem I got.  I am the antithesis of all dat.  I am trying to get little things done and I try to recognize there are some folks flying who are not focused on one thing but like to do a lot of things.  As a result I have a shopping list of little things, each of them is small and niggling but when you start to add them up it becomes a platform built of much smaller planks.”

“So why don’t you play the same politics game some others do?”  Ev asked, leaning up against the Astarte. “Dat seem to be the right way to get elected.”

Mike sighed nodded. “Probably is.  Thing is, I do read the raw minutes of the council meetings.  When you get right down to the waterline they are handling the little tings and making decisions as individuals, not as platforms.  Their viewpoints may contain a bit of bias as they see things from their own experiential sides but in the end it be the little tings they is always workin on.  Then dey bundle ’em up and take them to the powers dat be and see if they can make some changes.”

“So you gonna keep workin this way?  Not playing the election game the way other folks do?”

“yup.”  Mike folded his arms.  “I ams what I ams and that’s all I knows how to be.  If they elects me then they will know what they are getting.”

“So how you see dis as like the Sansha?”

“The Sansha they been bringing in a mix of ships to some of the incursions from frigates all the ways up to Battle ships and caps.  but you know which ones are the scariest?  Those littler ones, not the battleships.  The incoming bane torpedoes and ecm and neuts and . . . all of this is little details but I have been in a fleet that decided to just tackle the big targets and ignore the details.  We were cut to pieces.  Like the CSM, you want to make big changes but you have to hold the line and eliminate those little problems before they become the end of you.”  Mike looked up at the ships.  “That is kinda what these are about.”

“Was gonna ask you.  Why are you buying yourself ships in groups of three?  Specially ones like these.”  Ev waved his hand at the trio of command ships.

“Not for me.  The Gallente Benevolence Association, through one of their larger supporters, has requested that I award some fleet commanders of note.  I put in a couple of names and they sent these along.  I just brought you along to help me make sure they were good to go before I awarded them.”

“Taking care o da little tings, I gets it.”  Ev started to laugh.



Yup, this is what passes for a campaign post for yours truly

Those awarded the ships will be contacted in the next few days (When I catch them online)

One player last night took one look at my blog and declared “I don’t like your writing”  I think he found a word misspelled.  If you’ve gotten this far down the post I am running on the assumption that you can endure the writing for the sake of the contents.

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4 Responses to The Little Tings

  1. Mara Rinn says:

    I don’t like your writing 😛

    You’re on my list of four preferred candidates though – you say what you’re doing to do, then you do what you said you’d do.

    Hopefully I’ll get time next weekend to join you for a couple of incursion fleets. The folks I normally hang with have been extremely reluctant to try fighting the Sanshas simply because they fear loss. Sometimes I wish the Scout sites were just weaker versions of Vanguards, rather than being soloable in a cruiser.

    Thank you for your community building efforts!

  2. mikeazariah says:

    Send them to the Gallente Hero channel. They might even win a ship while they are running incursions. It HAS happened to a few ‘shocked’ people.


  3. Roc Wieler says:

    Hey, there are a lot Minmatar style shades in the universe now … besides, I want all the votes, not just the cool kids. 😛

    Anyway, good luck with your campaign.

  4. mikeazariah says:

    But all us Eve players are the cool kids . . .

    And be careful about wishing for the complete vote or you will just get the random scatter of people running and not much of a cohesive csm. Contrary to popular opinion the CSM is a council, not a one man show.


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