Oh No!! Logistics (How to be popular II)

The asymmetrical ship slid slowly into the docking bay and came to full stop.  Mike staggered from it and headed for his suite to rest.  Dee met him at the door.

“You look tired.”  She fussed.

“I was flying the Oh No.  Lot more work than the Glacier”

“Oh No?  Which ship is that?”

He tapped his comm and brought up the fittings.  “It’s an Oneiros.  A logistics ship.  When the Glacier melted I decided to find out why and fly the type of ship that keeps that from happening.  Now I know why I melted.”  He slumped down on  the couch.  “It is like how the docking calls seem to come in all at once for you.  Everybody needs your attention at the same time and nobody is willing to wait.”

She nodded.  “That is why I have Scotty send the delay messages.”

“Well picture the requests being ‘save my ship’ rather than ‘let me in so i can drink’ and you have the level I face.  But it gets worse.  Some folks do not even know how to properly ask, or wait to long to do so.  In an incursion if you wait until you are taking armor damage to call for reps you are most likely going to die, even if I am right on top of things.  I watched a Glacier melt.”

“I know, you told me how you lost that ship.”

“No, I watched a guy called X Zhukov take my ship design out there and  . . . I had all four of the reppers on him, but he was drawing alpha and I just couldn’t hold back the wave of damage.  He vanished . . . just vanished.  Another guy, Avatar Ohell, same thing.”  Mike hung his head.  ‘I was switching reps as fast as I could, Dee.  Managed to keep some folks on the field and then the targets would switch and it was always a case of me keeping up with the changes.  It was much harder than just simple jamming of battleships.  I am fairly sure I do not want to take a Guardian in, now.  They have to monitor cap as well.  we had one Guardian drop out of fleet for a moment and our other one dried up, cap wise, very quickly.  That is the one good thing about the Onei, it is cap stable so unless I got tagged with neuts I was all rep all the time.”


“Energy neutralizers, they drained me of capacitor so nothing I had on board could power up.  Good thing the Guardians could toss a bit my way.  They kept me up and repping.  That IS the key, we were being cooperative and working well with communications.  These folks knew how to call for armor.”

She looked confused.  “What do you mean?  Know how to call for armor.  Don’t you just yell ‘I need armor’?”

“Gods, no.”  Mike face-palmed.  ‘I was in a fleet that did that, some were using the fleet text channel, some calling in voice and a few actually used the fleet broadcast.  Broadcast is what you are supposed to use.  Seldom can a Logi monitor all of them AND manage to target and apply in time to be effective.  You wind up seeing ships pop all around you . . . and then it is your turn.  You use the broadcast, you make sure you even have a specific button dedicated to calling for armor.  I suppose the same is true in shield fleets, if not more so.”

“Why would it be worse in shield fleets?

“Because if a ship in my care takes shield damage he has that as a warning that bad things are incoming, I can get reps on him even before his armor buffer is challenged.  In a shield fleet the logis would have to be quicker because you don’t have that outer layer to warn you of incoming fire.  No, a quick button and fats response time is not a good idea, it is required for fleet survival.”  He sighed.  “Even with it you can lose ships.”

“Zhukov and Avatar, did the fleet reimburse for the loss?”

Mike shook his head.  “I don’t know.  I sent them each a couple of million, but there was nothing officially requested in fleet.”  He sat back and stared at the ceiling.  I might be doing this wrong, maybe I should be stepping in as a FC.”

“Why don’t you?”

“I want to know what the pilots are flying, the challenges of each of them, so until I have flown two more classes, maybe three, I don’t think I can do FC justice.  One the other hand Ferr has been a great example of someone who is willing to step up.  Far younger a pilot than I yet he has co-FC’s a finale of a n incursion and formed a few fleets of his own.  He is proof that it is not the skill points but the skill of the pilot.  I have submitted his name to the Gallente Benevolence Association for special recognition.”

She cocked her head to one side and looked at him.  “Who sends your name in?”

“Huh? Nobody . . . I’m just here doing what I can.  HE is the one out there fighting the Sansha tooth and nail.”

“Nobody.  Like it or not, Mr Azariah . . . you are not just the guy in the back waving pom poms.  Where did Zhukov get the fit for his ship?  Who stepped forward to help the GBA have a voice.  Who has been doing interviews about the Sansha invasion?”

“Pfffft, Chainer asked me to help out . . . wanted an insiders view of the Incursions and all the real pilots were busy.  So he was stuck with me.”  Mike shrugged in an eloquently Gallic fashion.  “Just helping out, I am.”

“Oooooh!”  WHUMP.  He did not see the pillow until it bowled him over.  “You are the most infuriatingly . . . .”


If anything, Logis are even more needed than ecm ships.  No repairs and a fleet dies fast, even with repairs it can be a close thing.
It takes a lot of attention to detail, a bit of skill anticipating the next target and a lot more skill points than flying the glacier.
Oh, one last thing.  I was a guest host of <a href=”http://evecommune.com/?p=198″>Eve Commune episode 14</a>  chatted about incursions and whatever else occurred to us, Chanier and I

[Oneiros, oh no]

4x Large ‘Arup’ I Remote Bulwark Reconstruction

4x Cap Recharger II
Conjunctive Magnetometric ECCM Scanning Array I

Damage Control II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Power Diagnostic System II
800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

2x Medium Remote Repair Augmentor I

5x medium armor maintenance bot I

well it works for me, but as I call out in fleet “No dying, it looks bad on my resume if you die on my watch”


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