The Ducks are not Lame

Scotty looked Mike and sighed. “You look rough, lad, what’s wrong?”

“Sansha” Mike nodded towards the news playing quietly in the corner. “They’re walking all over us.”


“Yeah, I know, and yes the election IS right around the corner. Still been following it and still think we are going to take one hell of a hit with the loss.”

The Hanger officer grinned. “You back on the Sansha subject?”

“Hells, no. There are some good folks on CSM5 and some of them have already said that they may not run again. Power vacuum they are gonna leave behind? Rough times ahead, rough indeed.”

Scotty silently looked at him and sipped his coffee. The news was running images of how many asteroid belts it would take to rebuild the losses capsuleers had suffered in the first day of battle alone.

“Yes, ya old nag, I will be running again. Might have a better chance unless some new shining lights step up to the plate.”

“Shining lights?”

“I write, lot of folks are better at ‘getting the ear’ of the public.” Mike shrugs. I know bout 32 folks read my stuff . . . but I suspect some of them are alts. Anyhow . . . CSM just published some more minutes.”

“So what have the Lords and Masters decided, now?” Scotty grinned as he cut into a piece of pie.

Well they are still working well, even if some might call them lame duck now that they are looking down the barrel of the election. They suggested an option to remove visuals in some test chats.”

“Why would you want to do that?”

“Lets more words stay on the screen, better for the non-voice communications. Photos take space and make the text spread out more. It passed easily. Then they talked about being able to share shortcuts between folks, so you can have good setup shared between pilots. Passed, of course. Then . . ”


“Then they adjourned. There was some discussion of top secret things which they were hoping might go public but cannot, yet. Powers above them have FORBIDDEN it. To ignore such commands one might go the way of Ankh.”

“You think they are working better these days?”

“Much better . . . they move a lot smoother than they used to. Debate is done well, people listen and don’t talk just to hear themselves. I read the RAW files so I can see both what gets done and HOW it gets done. They are good folks.”

“You are doing it again. Admiring folks you are supposed to be competing against.”

“Can’t help it . . . you do a good job and I gotta say something.”



And they have. Hands tied, at times. Gagged at others . . . but even from our limited views of what really goes on this CSM has stood on the shoulders of giants and reached for the sky. Thank you, one and all.

And yes, I am running, probably against some of the ones who are not bone tired and still excellent folks. But they need good support to KEEP doing a good job.

like me


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2 Responses to The Ducks are not Lame

  1. Smokie says:

    Love the blogs mike. Just always to lazy to comment on blogs.
    You’ll have my vote again this year mate
    I agree there are some fantastic passionate
    Players on this years CSM.
    Hopefully they WILL run again this year and we can add you to there ranks to help thm fight the players corner.

    Fly wonky
    Smokie. ( spelling punctuation… meh)

  2. BobFenner says:

    You will get my vote(s) as usual this year Mike, lets hope the players see what a good man for the job you are. If I can assist in any way, be it isk donations, spamming ‘VOTE MIKE AZARIAH’ in the WH systems and other systems I visit – you have but to ask. Peace

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