The Lesson Board

One wall blanked and then began to scroll words. As Mike tapped at his comm the passages lengthened and increased in number.

“What’s that?” she asked walking in from the kitchen.

“Things we are learning about the Sansha. It isn’t a one shot meet and greet, anymore. They are setting up shop in a lot of systems.” He opened his comm and showed her tat Gallente space was currently being hit the hardest. (1)

“Your going to go do something silly, aren’t you?” She looked worried and he grinned, hearing an echo of Vicky in her voice.

“Already have, Dee. I lost a Brutix in a scouting trip earlier. Joined a bunch of folks and off we went without a clue in the world. Paid a harsh price for it. We were wiped out . . . ”

She gasped. “I can not get used to you taking things like this so lightly. How much was lost?”

Mike shrugged. “Billion easy. Depends on if the Sliepner got clear. You know what the worst of it was? I had my overview poorly set and couldn’t even see the buggers. I died not seeing where the incoming fire was coming from or how many of them were out there. (2) From what I understand, though, we got in WAY over our heads.” (3)

She slumped against him as he looked at the wall and added some more quotes. “So this is all yours?”

“No . . . part of learning is listening. I listen to what has happened to other folks and am trying to compile the facts, remove te fiction and boil it down. This is going to be messy for a while but I am sure it will clean up in a week or two. Folks from FCORD, SYNE, Gallente Hero are all pitching in. I hope a few other people will send me their notes as they get them as well.” (4)

Dee looked unhappy. “But why you? There are other pilots . . . ”

“Coeur, yes there are, but it is me for the same reason that the incursions are both in Gallente space, for the hisec ones. We drove Kuvey-bear back last time and he wants to slap the Gallente folks down, HARD. I could have named the channel anything I wanted but I chose Gallente Hero for a reason. I am not racist, I will let anybody fly wit’ us and be in channel. But I want them all to remember who stood in the front lines. I want Kuvey-bear to know we did not forget anyting either. I am not a leader, cepting that if this all goes sour I will be the one taking the blame. I don’t go bossing folks in the channel or demanding any sort o respect. If I can’t earn it myself den I don’t be deserving it. But to be able to face the folks in dat channel I gotta do the dumb things so i can learn to be doin the smart tings. I gotta be teachin the others so we all don’t has to pay the price o da lessons.”

“So you are saying you lost your Brutix . . ”

“So others don’ has to be losin theirs, eh. I teach by bein an example o da wrong way to do things, sometimes. And the folks who be doin the same, well I think they be the pioneers . . . a guy by the name o’ Lt. Hartley, he was the one who formed up our fleet. Did a decent job of it right up until he took us in over our heads. Gallente Benevolent Association had me send him a ‘Cane for his efforts.”

‘Even though you lost?” She asked. “He was willing, the ability and knowledge only comes if we have folks like him willing to do the first steps. Some other folks in Gallente Hero already be out collecting more information for me. I expect this wall to be crowded soon, and that be a good ting.”

He leaned back and looked at the text flowing past him . . .

If the FC doesn’t know what is going on . . .you gonna die
If you ain’t decently bufferr tanked . . . you gonna die
Don’t piss off the Logi pilots
If everyone around you is blowin up fast, you are probably gonna die.
The Sansha are flyin like they was capsuleers. Scramble, web, neuts, if you can use it THEY can use it!
If you want to be invited turn off your damn mail service charges.

Ya, that be a start.



1) To see the systems currently active open your journal, go to the last tab on the left and then take a look. There is some nice functionality including set destination for rally system.
2) Make sure you have gone to filters, entities, and that incursion targets are visible.
3) On the incursions tab you can see descriptors of the various sites and the recommended fleet strength to take in. They are not joking, you go in short handed and you will likely regret it.
4) Comment below if you learn anything not mentioned . . . I will be updating and working on this as we learn more. If there is something you want to know . . .ask

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5 Responses to The Lesson Board

  1. Wolsaw says:

    Yer and the losses keep coming. Jump in in my mission drake… Lasted ooo 10sec if that, same with mission raven. Was a bad day. Omi damage and a active shield not good. Amour buffer seems to be the tank of choice. Fly safe

  2. Dee Carson says:

    My plan for last night was to do some snooping. Determine Sansha force levels, tactics and weapons. Observe capsuleer responses. Not really intending to engage, except in self defense. Prototypical recon mission (homage to Apache troop, 1/9 Cav, 4th BCT, 1CAV – “Scouts Out!”).

    Given the mission brief, the ship of choice was my all time favorite force recon – a maxed skills, maxed jam strength fit rainbow Falcon.

    After observing a couple of belt encounters with Sansha BB + support vs a Drake gang, I decided I should join in just to see what would happen. Positioned myself 70km from the fight, aligned to celestial (old habits die hard!), uncloaked & started to lock up the 2 Sansha Frigs on the field. Just as my locks resolve, the Sansha BB’s lock on me resolves and he shifts fire (AI honors the threat? Oh dear!). First volley & my shields are toast. Not good. Punch the “GTFO button” as the second volley lands and I’m in structure. Enter warp before the third volley.

    Dock, repair & replace my rainbow fit with heavy RADAR (in retrospect, I should have done this before. I knew Sansha = RADAR jammers…) and went back for a second round.

    The rest of the night went quite well. I found several engagements and was able to perma jam the field about 80% of the time.

    So, in situations where I will be in gang with folks I know & have comms with, I’ll be rolling an old school, force multiplying, jam ’em ’til they glow Scorpion. Bwwwaahh haaaahh haaaah haaah!

    Blame Falcon, you Sansha bastards!

    – Dee Carson

  3. Rosewalker says:

    So do the Sansha incursions call for the Eve Uni wartime SOP? T2 tanks for anything over a cruiser, lots of E-War, and assume you are going into a PvP fight? If so, I want to see Sansha roll into Aldrat.

  4. Himnos Altar says:



    I love it.

  5. mikeazariah says:

    Okay, latest update is the griefers have found a new game . . . get in a well spidered group then do something that ticks off Concord. They get popped but by contamination so does everybody who is linked by the repping, end result has been massive fleet wipes by Concord. CCP_SOUNDWAVE has stated that they are ‘lookint into this’ but I am hesitant to go into any fleets till the looking results in some modification.

    The simplest one would be that rr contamination is not relevant if in incursion zones but stands the same elsewhere.

    But maybe I am being too simplistic.


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