It was funny. One word, but there had been so much buld up that the single word sent a chill down Mikes spine. He double checked his own comms and made sure the fleet was listening. This was not a time for babble (much as something in the back of Mikes head was gibbering right now). Ferr and Freyda were calmly ordering the fleet into position, scouts out, giving Mike the opportunity to listen. Sadly local exploded with inane repartee mingled with the joyous responses of the Nation faithful. Local was growing by leaps and bounds and names lept out at Mike as he scanned for pilots . . . Roc Weiler was with him, orbiting the sun. Julianus Sotor and Major DSilva were in channel . . . the famous explorer Mark726 had actually joined Mikes fleet!

Do not think I do this without respect for capsuleers and their achievements.” The Master continued. “Today, I will show you the light, all of you.”

Mike shielded his eyes, looking at the sun he was close to and then back at the comms . . .

Tell me now, how numerous is my Nation among you? FOR NATION!” The responses came over the channels, drowning out the other voices for a moment, Local was still growing and Mikes side channels were constantly updating with scouting reports. Knowledge was key . . . he had said this over and over, now was the time to put this to the test.

You see, capsuleers, you are in the presence of true greatness.” The Masters voice purred, dripping sincerity in such abundance as is only found on used vehicle sales lots. “I will give you all a moment to reflect upon the weakness of your separate minds.”

Sadly the local, still growing, was a cacophony of replies. Adulation from the sympathizers, mockery from the capsuleers. Mike and the Gallente Hero fleet quietly kept scanning, looking. They knew that this was not going to be just conversation, cookies, and tea. Replies like ‘cool story, bro’ and ‘never gonna let you down . . . ‘ were almost making the comms unintelligible.

Do you see how confused you are? How you squabble and bicker. How there is no unity to your voice?” Mike sighed, no there was no unity among capsuleers, that was what made them different. Some would obey orders/commands for a while but they had the freedom of space itself. How could they submit their wills and their bodies to another? “All shouting, none listening. I must admit, I am enjoying this. For your sake, I hope your fleet is better prepared than your voices. You’ll need it….”

“Anything yet?” Mike asked.

“Someone is calling Titan, think it is a fake, checking.” Mark was quickest and swiftly confirmed it was a lie . . . the baying of the capsuleers was almost deafening and Mike was glad he was in a small tight fleet, waiting for word of where things really would happen.

Begin plasma core extraction.

“Plasma core? Do we have a plasma planet in this system?” Mike started to bring up the systems overview and cursed the speed of his comms, the channel noise was beginning to cause feedback loops and nothing was fully operational anymore.

“Not a planet . . . the SUN!” Mike rotated his view and cused softly under his breath. A wormhole sucked the light in, twistng it and making it a sickly green before swallowing it completely. And the hole was spitting out the Tyrants and Raveners, battleships by the score were appearing on the field . . . all Sansha. Mike tapped a key and called all stop. He then dropped the drones and locked on the closest ‘red’ and ordered the drones to being attack. All around him he could hear people cursing the ‘lag’ as their own chatter and ships interfered with each other. But enough managed to adjust their ships and tactics, as Mike had and the wave of Sanhsa met the rocky shores of the capsuleers.

Begin core fragment harvest operation one.

They were the decoy, Mike and Gallente hero fleet knew this, but they still kept a calm operations chatter going, updating each other on where and what was going on. Watching for . . . “There, Capital on the field . . . ” It was out fo reach of Mikes drones so he gathered his own in as there was little left for him to shoot and he kicked the engines to max speed.

Begin core fragment harvest operation two.

Warnings began to fill the comms of other supercaps being sighted, planets 2 and 5 were reported as under siege. At the same time the locals and late comers began to flood comms begging to be allowed into fleets. Mike sighed and monitored the Gallente Hero channel top see if any knew enough to join and ask there . . . none did. He switched to Syne and Live channels to see them also inundated with requests, repetitively. “When will they learn?” He sent out a remmeder of the channel and how to ask for fleet . . . it was not ‘x’. But his call was lost in the traffic.

There is no end to my Nation. Initiating anti-drone pulse wave.

Mike chuckled. He had called his in, just in time.

Slave 32152, enter the conduit.

Mike cursed and looked back through the comms record . . . Heavenbound had said something about going to the Promised Land. Was that metaphorical?

There is no death in Nation, Slave 32152. Be at peace.

Now it was getting plain weird. Mike cursed as he targeted the second supercap of the night and tried to get the drones to relaunch . . . nothing. He tried for guns but it was a lost hope.

Operation complete. Proceed to the Promised Land.

That was bad news, Mike gave up on launching weapons and kicked the afterburner on to get top speed as he headed straight to the supercap. It was a large set of collected lumps of ugly and HUGE but a Dominix like the Galley Slave was not a light weight and he hoped he and the others hitting it could keep it from aligning and in system. In the end, it was not enough and the Slaves and Master headed out to . . .the promised land.



Live events are cool but the comms become feeding time in the monkey house.

A good small fleet makes you feel like you are part of it and you might make a difference. We used Eve Voice which AMAZINGLY did not lag a single bit, the whole time. If you want to be in a small fleet that has had good success in incursions and in events like Kiriths . . . join Gallente Hero channel. Sadly the local was scrolling so fast I literally could not lock on to invite people from it.

Prizes were handed out for the pilots who did plan ahead and make it into the channel. Shelina got the early-bird prize . . . a Hurricane. Spliffsan won a Brutix in another draw. Keikidh and Mel Liferca each got containers holding Electronic Warfare drones.

Lag. Yeah . . . it happens. You could set your settings low, turning off all the usual stuff, but you would hear ‘turn off brackets’ I confess I did not know how to do this but a player named . . .well, here is the quote.


Thanks Horizonist.

Thanks also go to Keilidh, who donated more ships to the prize fund (before he/she won anything)

Gallente Hero. We are not the best but we are growing, learning, and willing to help others do the same. we are NOT a corp, not an Alliance. We are a chance for you to fight Sansha.

Join us


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7 Responses to Yulai

  1. Seismic Stan says:

    I was there! Which is probably the best thing I can say about the event. Sorry we didn’t see you guys.

    I’m glad you caught the Master Kuvakei dialogue, I think I missed most of it in the incessant gibbering in local and then spent most of the rest of the time failing to co-ordinate our little Old Pond Regulars squad whilst fighting against the lag.

    The Nightmare Cloud spewing from the wormhole was very cool though. Hopefully the incursions proper will be a little less crowded and therefore less stressful on the node.

  2. Keep up the Incursion reports!

  3. Felix says:

    It was good flying with you – I’m looking forward to real incursions that probably won’t be quite as popular as yesterdays lagfest.

  4. Rote was at both sites as well. Lag wasn’t that bad but did remind me why I like small gang warfare! The most disappointing thing was the pathetic 80 man anti-Sansha fleet that made the trip down to oppose Kuveki in Promised Land. I heard there was about 200 in Antem just sitting on the other side of the gate, too scared to enter lowsec. Really shows the lack of resolve of the Coalition forces. In any case the Rote nano-blob met it’s match against the pirate armor-hac gang, though it was a fun fight, I think we combined to drive off the majority of the anti-sansha gang, both just looking for kills of opportunity. All in all though it felt more like 4 hours wasted rather than 4 hours being in a decent fight.

    it wil be interesting to see how the actual incursion sites pan out.

  5. Keilidh says:

    Was certainly an exciting build-up. I especially liked that Master Kuvakei’s employment history listed that he joined True Power back in 1904.

    Only my second big fleet experience, so I’m still sorting out the tricks to performance. My video card is up to the task so it’s hiding brackets (ALT-SHIFT-Z works too), and taking unnecessary junk off the overview. We found that we can’t remove neutrals at present. Booooo.

  6. Pingback: The Weekly Rewind: 1.23.2011 | The EVE Report

  7. Druur Monakh says:

    To expand on what Keilidh said: Shift-Alt-Z toggles whether to display the selected brackets or not; Alt-Z toggles whether to display only the selected brackets or all brackets; and Shift-Alt-X toggles the display of special brackets (like moons).

    You can find all these shortcuts and others in the Esc Settings window.

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