Required image

The notice had been almost edited out as some sort of bulk mailer . . . but his comm caught that the header was legitimate and flagged it for his notice.

**all pilots, therefore, are required to report to the nearest star-base and update the images of their clones for continued licensing of their ships. We apologize for the trouble this may cause.**

He shrugged and tugged on a jacket and headed off to report for the imaging. Dee called after him, something about a comb but he was too busy whistling and watching the young ladies on the concourse to really hear whatever it was that she said.

The photographer was bored. Bored bored bored. All these podders trooping in over the space of a few days . . . most still looked like they were uncomfortable, not being covered with goo and all. It was a lull, nobody had shown up for a few hours but then she heard him coming. The whistling was melodic and absolutely Gallente as it occasionally incorporated a whistle of appreciation as something caught his eye. ‘Hanger scum” she thought to herself and continued catching up on her comms back to her family.

Then the whistling stopped outside of her studio and the door opened. “Heyas, Missy. Is this the place they be makin the new imaging thingies?” His hair was a rough mop of darkness and his whole expression was of somebody struggling not to start laughing out loud.

“Pilot registration holos, yes. If you are looking for a place to do Visa imaging you just . . . ”

“No no, this be the place then.” He stepped in and let the door shut behind him as he took in the studio. “So, do you do nude photography . . . or are you going to keep your clothes on?”

This was not what she expected. The man refused to stop flirting and making jokes as she took him through the identification confirmations and various bits of ‘paperwork’ ((why did they call it that, anyways?)) He also seemed unable to stop smiling and was hard to make sit still. It reminded her of the time she had been hired to do images for a eight year olds birthday party . . .except she did not have a duckie to distract this one with. “Sit there, now look to the side . . . no don’t go over there, put that back, yes it is my lunch, no I do not want to go someplace ‘betta’ with you after this. Just sit there and look. No, I do not need a drink, yes that is nice music but no It does NOT make me want to dance . . .let me go . . . now just sit and no, I do not care what background you use, they are projected screen. Yes we do have a Gallente Flag. Yes I think it is a very nice flag, no I have not heard of Gallente hero . . . please sit down . . . LOOK AT THE DUCKIE!” And then she pulled her blouse open . . . it was a desperation move and it almost worked. She snapped the image and ran, him moving swiftly after her, laughing.

Mike Azariah



I had a blast doing the avatar creation as did my daughter (who plays a lot of Sims) in making a character for me. We agreed that this was the right mood, although she did NOT get to read the above story that goes with it.

I have seen a few very interesting images, including one for a character named BALLS BALLS BALLS and another for warptobelt 1. Look them up, they will give you a giggle.

This is post one of three in the hopper I call a brain . . . . expect the next right soon.

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8 Responses to Required image

  1. Seismic Stan says:

    Is your daughter a fan of actor Aaron Eckhart by any chance? She seems to have helped you recreate him. Although you’re possibly also channelling lesser known aussie actor Peter O’Brien

    • mikeazariah says:

      I looked, damn that is a decert match on the Aaron guy. I have never heard of him so I suppose it is one of those cases of everybody has a twin somewhere


  2. Sae says:

    So you went to get your holo taken, and hilarity ensued!

  3. Sae says:

    Not being sarcastic, Mike. I often read your blogs and find them quite entertaining.

  4. tom says:

    I went looking for balls balls balls, couldn’t find them. Warptobelt 1 is rather good though.

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