“I’ve told you about her before.” He said his head in her lap.

“Once or twice. She was the CEO of your last corp?”

“Yeah, well she is off mining in a wormhole, these days. She sponsored the Eve Industrialist works.” Mike nodded and admired what that did to the view.

“What is that?”

“Well some folks are damn good with spreadsheets and enjoy working out to the fraction of an isk how much they can make. Others wish there was a simple way to do it without flashing back to basic excel programming. Eve Indy did that. But that isn’t the latest thing Kry has gotten into.”


“No, now she wants to turn the tables on Hulkageddon and form a group to strike back against the gankers.”

“The queen of the carebears wants to . . . no, that is just to hard to fathom.”

“No, no it isn’t. She loves her mining and this is just another way of showing it.”

“Won’t work. The other group has prizes. Categories . . . all that sort of thing.”

Mike grinned. “She is putting in over half a billion of her own isk into the prize fund. Hell I might toss a bit myself. She has even opened up a comm site to advertise the thing.” Mike opened his comm for broad-view and showed her. “See? She earned the prize fund in one marathon of mining.”

“How long did she mine?”

“Oh yeah, well she was trying for 50 hours straight but she kinda got derailed by comm difficulties. It is her homage to the real miners in Eve as opposed the the mechanized ‘bots’. Swept out quite a few belts and did it without anything more chemical than tea. I dropped in and chatted to help keep her active over the time she was mining and she was never inattentive longer than a minute or so, as far as I could see.”

“Speaking of inattentive . . . ”

Mike stopped talking for a while . . . .



I have said it before and I will say it again. Just when you think you know all the ways for someone to play, you find a new one.

Marathon mining, -no bots-

Trying to organize a counter protest . . .

Writing code for other folks to use to save them the problem of spreadsheets.

Kry is a carebear’s Carebear and he/she/they/it do it damn well.

If you want to be a part of it go to the website linked above and sign up and or toss a donation towards the prize fund. Come on miners? An hours worth of product? Industrialists? A BPC or a small ship?

And I know a ton of you have some fantastic excel spreadsheets cooking but a link that works in game to do things like compare refine to see and tell you which is better? This

Be part of something different.


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2 Responses to Kry

  1. Bob Fenner says:

    Hey Mike. I spoke to Mech about this and have found an Ashimmu BPC in my stash to put forward as a prize. I am also going to cajole my fellow Black Hole Runner’s into adding to the prize fund. Hope we can give those damned griefers a good kicking!

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