Theory crafting

The virtual room looked like a miniature hanger bay, the presences that materialized, giants playing with little ships.

“Ok, this is not to be an argument, it is a brainstorming session. Now while there IS such a thing as bad ideas, think things through before knee-jerk reactions. Agreed?” Mike laid his hands on the console in front of him and looked at the other two.

Riyu nodded and grinned. “So what do we know?”

“Next to nothing. I am going to work on the basic assumption that they will still have a soft spot in the EM spectrum, but beyond that. I just don’t know. Let’s work from a worse case scenario and build up from there. They seem to have a huge number of battleships to throw into a fight and then they spice it up with frigates.”

Virgil looked up from a console where he was already working on designs. “I have a Machariel design that would eat the little ones for breakfast”

“Any disco designs in your repertoire? A smarty typhoon?”

Virgil squinted into the distance and shook his head. “Gimme a minute and I will mock one up.” The docking bay image blurred and then a ship began to take shape under Virgil’s skilled direction.

Watching Riyu murmured “Concord is not going to like smarties in hisec . . . .not arguing, just saying.”

“With he focus fire that the Sansha can bring to the table . . .maybe . . .” Virgil was talking to himself more than others. Modules appeared and disappeared as he made the changes. Statistics ran along the side, listing the effects of those changes and the properties of the ship. “There! A fleet typhoon with smartbombs, I added a remote armor repair and an energy transfer system for a bit of spider tanking.”

Mike whistle at the design but then frowned. “That is a nice one but can you make a T1 version? When we start meeting them head on I expect the first few encounters to be rough. I don’t want folks quitting right off the bat because they lost too much too fast.”

“Riiight, Learning curve. Got it.” The ship shifted slightly and components shifted. “There you go, the Soup level Typhoon. I do prefer the more expensive hulls, though.”

Mike laughed. “Remember we are the stones but not all the Soup. We can figure in hisec that a lot of the additions are gonna be mission runners.”

“The majority of highsec residents will likely be flying Caldari” Riyu agreed. “And the drake has a very nice balance of durability and range so we can get people into a cheap ship, fast”

“So shield tanking might be the common flavor for a lot of folks . . . ”

Riyu started musing, looking off into the distance. “Another idea, we can carry a freighter of supplies. We could load it up with our “cheap fleet” bc and t1 fits. Then when we arrive at hte incursion site and put the stuff on market at cost so if people take losses a cheap reship is ready and in system.”

Mike made notes and the discussion continued.


Some folks love theory crafting and playing the what if game. Jan 3rd there will be another big boss fight on Sisi. I hope to make this one to see for myself how bad it is going to be.

Another patron of GH has pointed out to me that every another thought. Every expansion has had a short term chance to make a ton of is. Some folks made a killing in ores used to make the Noctis. Others found a fountain of gold in recycling of PI materials. So where is the money gonna be this time? Drakes? EM shielding and armor hardeners? Pays your money and you takes your chances.

If you have some thoughts on how the Sansha defenses are going to work, feel free to drop me a design or concept. I will collect a few and put them up once they are polished.


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