Comm bingo

He set the autopilot for a distant destination, maybe a bit of mining to calm down?


The channels lit up like a festive decoration, private requests, mails, and contract notices . . . contracts?

Mike opened the contract notice first . . . 10 copies of a decently researched megathron blueprint. “What? Oh . . . ” He opened another channel now totally obscuring the view of space with the amount of real estate his hud now took up. “Dee! What’s this for?”

The former COO of Eve University smiled. “I heard about your Gallente project. Thought you could uses some resources.”

Mike examined the contract and whistled. “I don’t know whether to give them away or build them.”

“There ARE ten of them, do both. There are no conditions on this, you use it as you see fit. If things go right I should have a set of Vexor plans for you in a week or two.”

Mike nodded enthusiastically. “We are doing some theory crafting on Sansha techniques. Trying to figure out the best way to repel them. They have begun to change their tactics and I figure it is just a matter of time before they come to the conclusion that head-on massive force only makes more folks show up for the party. They’ll pare it down. Make less inviting a target.”


“Because that is what I would do?” Mike shrugged. “For a while they were very mechanical. Some folks called them ‘toasters’. Now . . . well they are getting smarter, using tactics, running when things get overwhelming. ”

“No, I meant ‘what do you think is making them smarter’.” Dee’s image leaned forward, smiling as he saw the Gallente look up and off into space.

“Most folks don’t like my guesses on things. In this case I don’t either. It comes down to computers and bodies. I think that Kuvey-bear has been stealing folks to add into his little assemblies for more than just cannon fodder. I think they are making his group smarter, like adding a memory bus and processors to a system. Each time he gets a victory they get stronger in body and mind. It may reach some critical mass and then we will really be in trouble.”

“What sort of trouble?” Dee frowned, not liking the direction Mikes ideas were going.

“I was reading about an old concept a Von Neumann machine. What if his idea is to go semi-organic with the concept, I mean we know about nanobots but maybe he just took a different lane on the same road.”

“So this is why you made the Gallente Hero?”

“Yup. I am not some seer that stands on the hill and screams. I’ll be there and praying I am wrong because there is one sign that I haven’t seen, yet, that would make me a lot more worried.”

“What sign is that?”

“Them NOT leaving at the end of an incursion. Them staying and setting up shop. THEN we will have out work cut out for us.”

From there the talk drifted to other subjects, Mike bemoaning that he needed to learn more everyday than he did the day before, Dee encouraging him to keep up with his studies and promising him that the next shiny ships would be ‘worth it’. Mike closed the connection and looked over his comms to see what he would quiet next.


“Heyas Cutie”

“Hey Handsome . . . I am a little angry with you.”

“What did I do?” He scanned local to make sure he was not in her sights already.

“I don’t like waking up alone. YOU snuck out.”

“I found the last time I tried to leave while you were awake it took a lot longer . . . .”

“Are you complaining?”

“No! no no no no. But I do have duties and I thought I’d let you sleep.”

“What sort of duties?”

“Well, I am starting to collect more donations for the Gallente Hero . . . and damn if folks aren’t willing to help out. One corp, DemSal, made my isk total jump enough that I had to contact their CEO to make sure he hadn’t slipped and hit one or two too many 0’s.”

“And if it had been an accident?”

“I’d have cried and returned it . . . of course. Cher, I don’t get it. I keep hearing how space is cold and hard and that we should trust nobody. But people are sending me large amounts of isk and items, trusting me . . . why?”

“Well it probably means one of two things. Either you are an extremely skilled confidence artist and scammer or just an honest guy trying to do the right thing.” She smiled.

He smiled back at her. “Which do you think I am . . . do you trust me?”

“When are you coming back?”

Mike scanned his board, “Oops got an emergency call, I should take this. I will chat with you later, cher.” He closed the connection before she could get a commitment out of him.

“Heyas” He said with a sigh of relief to the next caller.

And so it went, donations, organizations, formations of design teams to brainstorm ship and group designs. Every time he closed one channel another would open and he also watched intel channels for rumors of incursions, more public channels for contact with people he might soon see in his own fleet. Checking his planetary operations, his research projects, and whatever ship he was collecting minerals for. Switch, answer, question, he was shocked when auras voice echoed inside his head, telling him that he had reached his destination.

“It is about time.”

+yes it is . . . + The station manager told him with her clear voice that made him shiver. +your Tanta and family have been here a day . . . WE will meet you in your suite.+

” . . . merde”


My thanks to DemSal Corp, Bob Fenner, and Dee Carson who have all donated to the cause making a stand against the Sansha. During incursions there will be occasional gifts given to players who are part of our channel and or fleets when we go to battle. Both the prizes and the people awarded are random, you don’t have to be the best, the noisiest, you don’t have to pay an entry fee or anything other than just be there, making an effort. So Far . . .
V. Stecker- Comet
Ferritos- Brutix
Sassaniak- BPC, megathron

This is not a corp or alliance deal. It is being there when folks need you. If you want to donate, send stuff to Mike Azariah, in game isk, or faction items, hell even a set of drones . . .this is Gallente . .

Now given that there is also NOT a minimum ship size, skill point level or anything other than be in channel and in system . . . some of you might be unsure how to even JOIN a new channel. On you channels list is a little ‘speech balloon’ in the upper right corner. Left-lick that and then in the little box that is labeled ‘Channel Name’. You type in Gallente Hero and hit join, you should see a message from me as the message of the day.

If you want to see when things are happening I would also recommend the Synepublic channel. But for heavens sake, read a bit before typing x and asking to be made a squad commander. It is scary how many folks joining think the party starts when they get there. Unless you are Pink . . . no.

Depending on the skill of fleet or wing commanders the fleets can vary in size . . . if you hit x and nobody fleets you it is not because you are being ignored. It might be a) they are in the middle of battle and/or (b) they are full up. Get onto Gallenbte Hero and see if we are making one. Currently the big fleets responding and anticipating the incursions are FCORD and Sansha Retaliation. I have flown with both and if you are a carebear you have GOT to try this. The screen shots you have seen do not do the chaos justice.

fly, you fools


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2 Responses to Comm bingo

  1. Mark726 says:

    Glad to hear that Gallente Hero is coming along nicely. I’ve been meaning to join, but computer problems and finals have essentially eliminated my EVE time for the past week or two. Hopefully when things wind down this weekend, though, I’ll be able to join up with you guys.

    Fly safe, and keep fighting the good fight 07

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