Gallente Hero

The meeting hall was a live/virtual one that Mike had reserved a week ago. This was the first opening he could get for it and now he was wondering if it was a good idea. He straightened his shoulders and winced, the wounds on his back still fresh. Good idea or not, he would go through with what he had started. He strode into the room, his silk sleeves billowing, as if he was stepping onto a stage as an actor. Just as though it was a show about to start the chatter in the hall subsided, then stopped.

“I am glad so many of you could make it. Some of you know me, others were referred to me by agents we have in common . . . or through mutual acquaintances. No matter how you got here, though, welcome. My part in this will not take long. OUR part may last for all time.”

He looked out at the real faces and the images being relayed and grinned. “I know some of you have ‘looked me up’. Those of you who have are probably wondering what the hell kind of sales pitch I am going to try on you. Is this a scam? An elaborate ruse? Maybe it is some kind of publicity stunt to get ready for some election?” He chuckled, shaking his head. “No. None of those. Though you are to be complimented on your caution in this case it is misplaced.”

At a touch of a control the lights dimmed by 50% and an image appeared before them. Sansha Station There it is, the scary monster under the bed. Sansha. More spikes than a S&M convection on Oursulaert. Crewed by mind-controlled slaves at the bidding of the ultimate puppet-master.” Mike gave a mock shiver. “Ooooh make it go away.” He touched a control and the image faded.

“But we can’t.”: The voice was barely more than a whisper. “We cannot make them go away because they are coming back, in force and in a force that is growing. Concord won’t be able to stop them . . . neither will the standard armed forces of the four races. The capsuleers are going to have to get involved.” He touched the controls once again and another image appeared. Planet defence

“We have already been fighting them. and the fights are going to get worse. Deltole . . . 1800, less than twenty hours from now, suppose I told you there was going to be an attack? Would you watch to see if I was right, watch while millions more souls were taken? They can hit us wherever they want and we can do something about it or just sit back and watch. You know what the biggest problem with attacks like that are?” He waves a hand at the image. “Trust. Pirates and scavengers show up like sharks to a chum bucket. Fleets form around anybody tossing an invite. THAT is what I want to change. THAT is what we MUST change. We Gallente drove the Sansha back the first time and I want to see history repeat itself. I am not asking for isk. I am not asking you to leave corps and alliances . . . not yet. I sure the hell am not asking you to make me some sort of Admiral. I am lucky if I can lead a charge to the bar after a long tour. What I am asking is that you step up. I will create a comm channel “Gallente Hero” IF you decide that you want to fight . . . join up. Share the locations of attacks? Join up. Be part of a fleet of like minded individuals? Join up. Take advantage of me or the channel or fleet? Keep out.”

The image vanished and Mike leaned forward towards the group. “Pass the word. I am not promising a damn thing . . . but I am hoping for a lot. Even if none of you show up, I will be out there. I am not asking for a commitment here and now. You will show me commitment by being there when the time comes.”

One man stood up. “Where do you see this going, Captain?”

Consulting his comm Mike paused. “Bazz is it? Great question . . . wish I had a pat answer. Best case scenario? We get a reputation for being able to handle ourselves and take on the Sansha. We start getting support or even hired. If we decided to make a real go of it we might even set up a base in low or null. For that to happen we need a lot of interest and a lot of support. Strike teams would be formed to handle Incursions . . . . a ton of little details would need to be worked out.” Mike rubbed his face. “Then there is the mid-line scenario. We are a known group and people may not depend on us but at least we are recognized as a good group to have on your side.” He shook his head. “Worst? I show up and am all alone facing a string of Nightmares and carriers.”

“Then what?” Bazz asked.

“Then I keep dying till I run out of isk, ammo, or hope. Ladies and gentlemen I am not claiming to be a hero . . . I am offering you the chances to become them. I won’t be there all the time and I do not expect that of you either. We all have other duties but in the end our greatest duty is to our people.” Mike held up a hand. “Let me rephrase that. Our greatest duty is to the people. Not just Gallente but the Minmatar, yes even the Caldari and Amarr. They know we stood at the front of the battle last time and I expect some of them are looking to us for a lead again. Show them that lead. Become the Gallente Hero, each and every one of you.”



Won’t I feel odd if Deltole does get hit at 1800 on the 30th.

Honestly, picture a decent strike force working the Incursions the way some folks work wormholes. We have NO idea if it is viable, but I am willing to try.

I am a carebear . . . never made any bones about it. My corp laughed up when I pointed out my kb stats and what I have killed the most of. yeah yeah, preposition, go whine to someone else ya grammar freak.

When the learning skills become viable points again? Mine go towards getting me in a command ship so I can support the people who join me.

You are a little bit tempted, aren’t you


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