Gallente Heroes?

They had been drinking, that was a given. The conversation covered a very wide variety of topics as that of drunken friends is sometimes prone to do. Women, of course, was one of the many topics but (contrary to belief of some of the fairer sex) not the only one. Ships and guns, sports and jokes, politics and religion, each had its turn as the centerpiece of their attention as it slowly dissolved under the solvent of alcohol.

It was the juxtaposition of the transition from politics back to battles that prompted Mike to ask, “Ya ever wonder why Gallente ain’t famous?”

“Whattaya mean? Lots of famous Gallente.”

Oh ya, I know, stars famous for their acting talents or . . . other qualities. Heads of corporations famous for nothing more than just being rich. There are even a few celebrities who are famous for being famous but nobody can remember how they got there in the first place.”

“To the Damsels!” someone toasted and they all raised a glass in toast to a constant source of income.

He set the glass down and signaled for a refill before trying to continue his thought. “I mean . . . the Amarr got CVA. Big flag flying buncha slave symps out to cure the rest of us of the evils we are so very prone to.”

“To the damsels!” a laughing toast replied and again drinks were downed amid a roar of laughter.

“Then there is the U’K who fight the evils of slavery and stand for the Minmatar on the front lines willing to wage war for others freedoms. What I am saying is we don’t have a common cause to get behind. There is NO equivalent that I know of unless you go into the faction wars themselves and join the regular navy. Is it that we value our own freedoms too much to be willing to care about others? Are we unwilling to submit our wills to the commands of another so making a Gallente fleet would be an exercise in herding cats?”

“To Pussies everywhere!” Another toast, another drink.

“This guy I met, gave me some good tips over the last little while, made about 12 million because of him. He asked me this question as if he was looking to find an answer or make one himself.”

“Whataya mean, make an answer?”

“Well I tells him that there are a few things that all need to happen at the same time for something like that to work. You need pilots willing to join together for a common cause, to make an alliance. You need start-up funds to get logistics in place to actually have a chance of holding wherever you wind up. Last, you need to have a place to call your own and it seems like most of nullsec is ‘spoken for’ if you know what I mean.”

“To not having a clue what he means.” The toaster was loud but Mike had some of them looking into their own glasses and thinking about what he was saying. They all drank but then they leaned in to hear more.

“This guy, he says he knows of a territory that might be holdable as it is already being held by a standing corp. He also seemed to think that isk would not be the problem I might think, though I haven’t enough to replace the ship I am in right now. He agreed that pilots and corps would be the hard part. Getting people to notice you, agree with you, and NOT think this was a giant setup is not an easy task in this day and age. Way too many spies and treachery. How do you build an alliance when you haven’t a core to build around? Every opportunist within 60 jumps will be offering to ‘move your stuff for you’ or ‘help out with the financials. By which they mean ‘rob you blind’ and ‘clear your wallet’ for good measure.”

Those that were still listening nodded ruefully. Mike had no doubt some of them would be tempted to do the same if the opportunity arose.

“I dunno. Part of me would like to try . . . to be part of something really big. But I don’t want to be famous as the guy who managed to hand the keys to a thief and had his entire alliance yoinked out from under him. Goons, IT, Somer Blink, they all made the news as someone took them down from within.” He downed his drink. “But if I let the fear keep me from trying, they have manged to take something from me before I even had it.”


Lessons: And there is the thing. What keeps us from being heroes in our own stories. I don’t know about you but I joined this game because it was one shard, one place where we all played so what I did or didn’t do would be known to all. Egotistic? Damn right!

If there are folks out there who have made an alliance before I would love your input. How much did you fear? How tightly did you hold the reins to keep from losing things?

Ask yourself, if you are Gallente . . . wouldn’t you just once, like to be a hero? To fly in like Icarus among the stars, even if you do know how the flight is going to end? As soon as Mike sobers up, you may want to drop him a line . . .

Oh, and freedom loving open minded folks that we are, we will accept other races . . . Gallente are very open minded . . . clothing optional pods and the whole thing.


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3 Responses to Gallente Heroes?

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  2. Blind Philip says:

    Well there is the Intaki Liberation front, or at least there was last time I checked. Bunch of Gallente brothers and sisters (and friends) trying to bring security and prosperity to the Intaki homeworld, currently neglected in lowsec.

    They’re alright.

  3. B.B. says:

    CONCORD is currently auditing my account, and in the meantime my pilots license is temporarily suspended. The recent events have motivated me however. Its time to invest in something other then shiny ships.

    On the note of the Intaki Liberation Front. They are not Gallente who support Gallente causes. They are Gallente who wish to do what Caldari did and leave the evil oppressive federation, and create a new state.

    Gallente needs a champion.

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