Priorities done right

Scotty was practically bouncing in his seat as Mike dropped into the cafe. Taking his coffee over to the table Mike ordered “Right, what has you all bouncy and cheery? They double shot all your coffees?”

“Better. The Powers that Be™ have decided to do something the right way!”

“The right way?”

‘In the past it has felt like when top level changes were in the works they were all bundled togetehr, the good with the mediocre and released in one big buggy mess. People would see the bad, ignore the good and whine for six months.”

Mike shrugged. “Yeah, been here, seen this.” He picked at a patch on his flight suit with a small 1.4 stencilled on it. “So how are they doing it different?”

“Priorities . . . they have a buncha things they want to do but it is how you decide what is the most important. In the past getting the bundle ‘out’ was the most important and so the bad came along with the good. The CSM has been banging the drum about good is better than fast and it looks like the PtB™ finally are giving it a shot.”

“So no new stuff?”

Scotty face-palmed. “Lots of new stuff, drink your coffee you still aren’t awake.” It is just the new changes will be spread out over a time span rather than all in one day.”

“Ooooh, like Christmas.”

“Yes, no, what?”

“Most folks, they give presents all in the same day. Big unwrap frenzy an it be done.” Mikes accent was seeping into his voice as he looked off into the distance. “But when I was being a boy my family, we have a different way o’ doin it. You unwrap something, you enjoy it, you try it on or you plays with it for a time. Then you can tink about unwrapping the next one. Family came ova the space o days and they brought the presents wit dem so it was not one morning but about a week give er take.” Mike sighed. “Good food, presents every day. It was good times.”

“Well then try to see that now, in this. We are getting a bunch of presents, each better wrapped and able to be enjoyed on their own.”

“Ya, I see dat. It be like a long Christmas.”

“According to my notes, here.” Scotty patted his comm. “They are gonn start with rockets and ammo along side of an alert system for pos gunners.”

Mike covered his ears. “No no no, I like to be surprised when I be unwrapping the presents.” He squeezed his eyes tight for a moment and then opened them laughing as he brought his hands down. I jokin ya. what else?”



HOLY MOLY! Excellence before release schedule! They got it right!

WAY TO GO, CSP, CCP and the gremlins in Zurich (they are behind everything)

If you want to see the dev blog, look over here

and yes, my family takes days opening and exchanging gifts. Our kids are used to it and I think they like not having that ‘noon of christmas morning let down. My wife and I even exchange the last set of presents new years eve, handy for catching the post christmas sales and finidng the thing it turns out she really wanted . . .

Today, here is Remembrance day and I would like to thank all those who have served. I know in RL there are no clones, no respawns, and what you risk is everything.


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2 Responses to Priorities done right

  1. Rixx Javix says:

    I’ve said it before, I don’t mind if they take their time, no one is putting pressure on them expect themselves. Looks like they are finally doing it right. Let’s hope at least.

  2. Bob Fenner says:

    Been wearing my poppy with pride. Our boys out in afghanistan are doing a hard job with little thanks. I salute them and hope that the politicians pulling the strings are doing this for the RIGHT reasons.

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