Four he's a jolly good fellow

. . . so we are not being told not to gamble in the death pools but I still think it is a bit wierd to make some cash eveytime the boss dies.

He is in a good mood these days but he has me still running ships off the line like there is no tomorrow. His little scoreboard in the hanger is at 4 but he is not looking too worried, yet. He says he has not been trying as hard as he might to find fights and the camp he was in seemed to manage to find a very quiet time.

On the plus side his hangers are filling up with a lot of salvage from some decent sized ships and he has added a few new hulls to his lineup. I have never seen anything as oddly shaped as the electronics frig he has been working on. Thing looks like it is missing a lot of parts. I asked him why he was even considering an Amarr hull and he smiled and said he had won it and he would damn well lose in in style. I am not positive I know what that means but I am doubling down on the next death bets, just in case.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. The boss graduated! Yesh, seems there is some sort of grad requirements to show that you can move through low and null sec. Having to go to specific sites and take image logs to prove you had made it. He rigged up a rifter and did the run on the first try. We threw a party for him and I got a chance to ask him how the run had been, he said “I only got a bit tense a few times. First was when I jumped into the second furthest system on the route and it had about ten folks all in the same corp. I thought I was gonna hit a camp for sure. I zigged and snuck and did everything I knew to go through that system as safe as i could but there was no camp and I kept on moving. The funny thing is on the way back I DID get caught in a warp bubble but the damn thing was not being monitorred so I just moved through it and continued on.”

He bought us all that we could eat and drink to celebrate and we had a right good time in the hanger that night, what I can remember of it. The next day he was back out making the ’rounds’ as he calls it. He took some heat from Concord for a cyno kill he shared with another student but he has been hunting Sansha with a vengeance and Concord is beginning to forgive him for his little escapade.

Damn, I just ran through the inverntory. He is altering some of the orders but he has more than 20 rifters set for launch and is now working on the fittins for them. Yeah, I KNOW. He acts all low and poor and then has enough to field a small pair of squadrons all by himself. I do NOT get these podders. That guy I told you about before? Bleys? Well he is alwys dropping by for visits and he and Jiorj talk design and strategy late into the night. Always trying to come up with something other than ‘cookie cutters’ and going for something ‘outside of the box’. Usually, after he visits, Jiorj has a ton of notes and is fiddling with those learning implants he has going, trying to figure out the best way to achieve the designs they have discussed.

Whup, boss just yelled for his ruppy to be locked and loaded so I gotte make sure the hanger crew are on it.

My love to the clan




You can pick and choose your kills in a system for maximum effect, run through all the belts looking for the best target size so you can maximize your fifteen minutes of fame before you need to repeat it.“

Lowsec is fun, and the andrenaline of knowing you are either a hunter or hunted is a falsity helps. To be in the right frame of mind you need to alwasy be BOTH.

Grduating in OUCH does not end your time there, it is just a marker along the way, both for you and for the corp. It shows that you are changing and that the corp is succeeding in making a better pilot of you.

I sometimes think the good corps feel like Cheers. Everybody knows your name and there is a stool at the end of the bar waiting for you. BUT that does not mean you should only talk to people in your own corp. Explore, make friends elsewhere and get to know people. You will be amazed at what you can learn, be invited to, have a chance to discuss until you look at the time and curse.


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