How far in a Reaper?

. . . so when he finally showed up again most of his hair had grown back.

Speaking of showing up again, the boss said something about getting more of his bodies local. At first we thought he meant buddies but then he went to the medical clinic and didn’t come out and we knew he was ‘clone jumping’.

Personally that gives me the shivering heebie jeebies. The idea that you turn yourself off and wake up in a new body halfway across New Eden. It gets worse when we find out he was jumping back into a nullsec system that was no longer in the control of friendlies. He sends us a note about how frustrating it is to be depending on the generosity of Concord to supply him his ride home.

About 10 jumps in Nullsec, another 5 or six in Lowsec before he could get into hisec and he sends us freaking video postcards. Each jumps he tell us there was one or two locals. He tried to dock at a few stations along the way but they were all locked to strangers. So on he went in a ship mounting civilian guns and a mining laser. He kept joking with us about stopping to pick up some ore.

Now I will admit I won some cash as I covered bets on how far he would get before he hit a camp. It is just a matter of reading the maps. Camps are best set at choke-points where the traffic will be funneled through. There was a camp where I had bet there would be and he was locked and fired upon right quick. They melted the sticks and fabric of the reaper but the boss knew how to keep his head and was out of the trap before they could get his pod as well.

Damn if he didn’t make it the rest of the way to Jita before he got a better ride. Now he is back in the base and grumbling about ‘downtime’ and being behind his schedule. I guess he is still working on that damn 50 count and he says “Being shot out of a Reaper sure as hell does not count as a fight. It is skeet shooting for gate camps.”

So he has a ship and time on his hands and I expect I am going to have to making a run to get more fittings for him right quick.

Oh, wierd thing happened . . . while we had his comm channel up in the bar this guy comes over and starts watching. He even made a few bets on it and chatted with Jiorj like they knew each other. He complimented the boss on winning a ‘Sentinel’ by blinking. What the hell does that mean? I blink everyday and you don’t see nobody giving me a ship.

Anyhow, this guy (I think his name was Bleys) reminds the boss that he was offering up a little extra incentive for people who really tried in the run for 50. The boss just laughed and said that the news was already over the corp mails. Then they both yell ‘promoblink’ and laugh as the boss is warping and the guy works on his comm for a minute or so.

I tell you this jumping in and out of heads does something to them and they are getting less like us everyday.

My love to the clan . . .


Somer blink is a new out of game lottery . . . by my guesstimate they are making a mint and so are some lucky winners. I’d say I am slightly ahead right now but the thrill of instant (or close to it) results is a great thing.

There was a time where running through null and low in a reaper would be something I wouldn’t attempt. Now it is a joyride. Go figure

The support for OUCH training grows and I’d like to still invite folks to join in on the fun


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