OOC Apologies to Mr. Foxworthy

You may be an Eve redneck if . . .

-Minmatar repairs seem overly complex. duck tape AND bailing wire?
– Yer afterburner control is labelled Yeeeeehawwwww
-your Freighter has a “How’s my Flying?” sticker on it.
-you refuse to use teamspeak because chewiing tabaccy keeps gumming up the mike.
-your Raven only fits Salvagers and Tractor Beams.
-your Domi is up on blocks on a local planet, waiting for parts.
-you set your PI up to spell your name.
-Pouring Quafe into a cup is ‘just putting on airs’.
-You prefer Caldari weapons ’cause they ‘blow up real good’.
-You have woken up in a clone right after saying ‘hey watch this‘.
-Concord has a separate server for your files.
-you think Can Flipping is a way to find food.
-Concord sets up gate camps in your honor.
-Jita reminds you of the county fair back home, only Jita is a bit more respectable.
-You refuse to do the ‘incarna thing’ till they have Caterpiller hats as one of the fashion choices.
-a friend says they are ratting and you think they are hunting for dinner.
-the Hellcats have a permanent bounty out on you since you gave your wife a Mynxee fur coat for her jr high school graduation.

My thanks to Chainer and Escoce

Feel free to add more in the comments


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7 Responses to OOC Apologies to Mr. Foxworthy

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  2. Szilardis says:

    Dunno why I can’t log in.

    Anyhow, +1 sir, this was one of the best conversations I’ve ever been party to in the blogger channel 😀

    Although there was one about mountains and f**k all molehills that was pretty entertaining.. /

    You’re still fat though xD

    • mikeazariah says:

      Doh! My apologies oh thin and short one. You were also an active part of that conversation even if you were snubbed in the credits. I shall have the staff member who was responsible for that transferred to attacking foglights to my rifter.


  3. Szilardis says:

    Isn’t that like a one time 5 minute duct tape and bubblegum job?

  4. Bob Fenner says:

    You keep a Slaver Hound in your cargo hold. I personally have one called Spot.

  5. Szilardis says:

    Haha. I got one.

    If you have a body kit and a spoiler in your rig slots.

  6. Szilardis says:

    And in review add “on your interceptor” at the end

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