You are not a rupture

. . . and as a result we aren’t allowed to fly our drone camera units in the sports facility anymore. Doesn’t matter, the steam from the showers kept fogging up the lens anyways.

I told you the boss was back in system. Well he took a rupture out and word is he lost it right quick with a few fleet mates. Funny thing is he contacted us and was laughing so hard he barely managed to get out the coordinates in Sendaya for the S&R teams to go look for emergency capsules. To hear the boss tell it he said it was a nice reminder of what he could look forward to, outgunned, outnumbered and outshot.

I don’t think I will ever get used to the idea that the boss is not the same guy we signed on with, that it is a copy. I mean this cloning is easy to talk about but when you meet someone, talk to them and know, deep down, that they are not the same guy but some body with the memories of the last guy you talked to. It’s spooky. We was out drinking, some of the boys and me and Freddy asks ‘If I waz to download one of them memory sticks into me own head, would I be me or da guy in da stick.’


We drank a lot that night trying to figure that one out. I hear people like the boss sometimes wonder whether they are themselves or their ships. I think that is what the bosses boss is trying to teach. He is making this 50 a lesson in NOT being the ship and still being a person who flies the ship. For all the death and destruction I think they might be fighting to keep from becoming what some say they already are.

I told the boss. ‘All you have to do to remind yourself of who you are is come on a pub crawl with us. Either you’ll remmeber to be human or you’ll mistake yourself for a lamppost like Freddy did.’ The boss told me he would come for a walk in the station soon enough . . . but I dunno, he said soon in a funny way, like it meant something else to him. Maybe it has to do with the whole immortal thing, I dunno.

My love to Ma and the rest of the family. Attached are the drone recordings we got before thinbs got too steamy. I don’t have to tell you Ma better not see those or you won’t see your next birthday baby bro.



Sometimes the philosophy behind the games captures me more than the game activity itself. Incarna and the count to 50 ARE related.

I have met people for whom the game is all about the isk, others seem to thrive on tears. I feel like the odd man out as I am about the story and character within that story.

But it is funny that there were no tears, no true sense of loss when I got taken out by a small camp . . . I just wish there was an easy way to send a gf after you were podded.


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