Counting to 50, be patient.

. . . so the next time we are going to make sure the party is NOT next door to the local law enforcement. Most of the crew will be out on bail by tomorrow.

The boss sent word that he is coming home again, this time for more than a pass through. He has returned to OUCH and plans on (as he puts it) getting back to basics before trying something else. He told be to spin up production and that we would be making a lot of boats over the next little while. I asked him why and he just smiled and said something about a 50 million bet to be won by the end of November. Being the curious sort I ask him “Jiorj, sir? What sort of bet is worth 50 million isk?”

He laughed and told be he had to get into 50 fights in that month, if he could do that then he stood to win 50 million.

“But on a good roam can’t you find more than a couple of fights?” I ask.

He laughed and nodded and said ‘that was the point’. Then he went back to outlining what he wanted set for the basic fit as well as a few special ships for his off days.

It’s nice to have the Boss back again but I get the feeling November is gonna be a loooong month.

Give my love to the rest of the clan.


Lessons and commentary

Jiorj is back with OUCH, for those of you who do not know, OUCH is the University of Hard Knocks and it trains folks in lowsec. Lowsec has been getting a lot of attention from the playerbase, Mynxee and her initiative, Lost in Eve’s podcast (great job guys). Escoce with his NEW forums specifically for Lowsec Almost everybody except CCP themselves . . . oh well.

Jiorj has tried Null, wh space, and he is returning to OUCH, where he started. Just in time for the end of a war and just before the beginning of a challenge to ouch members

Before you ask, yes, there IS time for you to get in on this. Apply to OUCH and see what you can do. Read his rational behind this and stop and think about it.

ARE you your ship? Or are you an intelligence using a tool?

IS the loss of a ship a major thing that makes you want to emo rage quit? Why? Were you this way when you lost a game of Risk or Monopoly as a child?

I am going to try to count to 50, hopefully with a win loss column as opposed to “Rifter # 36 out of 36 lost to a Navitas”

Come on, join us, or if you do not want to leave your corp to do so, join in the count. make November a month to remember 30 days, 50 fights, 1 great game.


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