Freedom's just another word

. . . so your privileges have been terminated and within a day you will be removed from the corporate structure

Mike stared at the screen and then sighed and turned off the comm completely. “What will I do now?” he asked of the ceiling.

Wisely, the ceiling did not deign to reply.

Snorting at its intransigence he swung to his feet and left for the cafe.

She was there as he had been both hoping and dreading. Worse, he could see her expression change as he approached. She knew something was up so there was going to be no easing into the subject.

“Talk. What is wrong.”

He sighed. “The CEO of my corp, Kry?” He paused, trying to frame what came next properly. “Kry is booting all of us out of the corp in preparation for a move.”

“Move where?”

His eyes were bleak. “Minmatar territory.”

Her hand went to her mouth as she digested the news. “How soon?”

“I have had all my privileges revoked already. I expect to be out on my ear in a day or so. Then . . . I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“According to the timeline I could be back with them within a few days after the move completes. But . . . a little voice reminds me that this could be a very quiet corporate robbery and we will never see Kry or the corp assets again. One of the corp members has been offering to move all our ships, keep reminding us of all the room in his freighter.”

“You haven’t loaded anything in it, have you?”

“Not a single thing. I have shifted a few assets around but all by hand, one ship at a time.” Mike wiped his face. “Dee, I am scared. Part of me is wishing that it is a huge robbery so it will be at an end. Another part of me says that even if it is not I shouldn’t rejoin.”

Her voice was so soft he could barely hear the question. “Why not?”

He leaned back and looked at her for a moment before answering. “Lots of little reasons and one big one. I am Gallente and this is my region. I have contacts here, agents who know and trust me to get the hard jobs done. I have a relationship with the University here and mining operations in this region. But none of those are reasons that would make me stay. You. You are.”

She had tears in her eyes now as she listened to him.

“I know we have nothing formal and you have been patient with me coming and going, vanishing and not knowing when I would be back . . . but I told you I would be back, each time. This is your home, right here on this station. I can’t ask you to come with me and if I went I could not promise I would be back.” He ran his hands through his hair and looked down at the table. “I just don’t know what to do, what to say. Onc told me this was usually the surest sign . . . ”

“Sign of what?”

“Boy?” He’d say. “Iffen ya don care ’bout tha results den decidin is dog easy. ‘Swhen tha stakes git hai tha y’all gotta make tha call dats gonna hurt no matta which way y’all flip. Dems tha decisions dat make ya a man.”

His comm chimed. He glanced at it and paled and slumped in his chair. “Its official, I almost made the 2 year mark with them.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“Don’t rightly know. I honestly don’t.”



Ever had a corp take a turn, make a move, decide to go in a new direction?

Paranoia always rears its ugly head. More than half the stories I read about alliance or corp self destruction have corp change as a key component. So, no, I did not contract all my stuff to someone in the corp I was about to be removed from.

I swear. Post 100 winds up being celebrated by me being out of the corp I have been in for almost 2 years.

Pardon me while I go feel sorry for myself.


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2 Responses to Freedom's just another word

  1. Latrodanes says:

    Sorry to hear about the corp, but Happy 100th Post. Tomorrow is another day and there are plenty of good corps. You’ll find one again. Fly safe.

  2. Toka says:

    That is a tough one. Corps and pilots have inertia. Moving one does not mean the other will. Is there a good logistic reason why people were booted? Like having to reestablish standings for a hisec POS? Otherwise the boot is unnecessary and therefore rather suspicious. Every time you force people to move, or to reapply there is a good chance some will choose not to.

    As for hauling stuff, being in corp or alliance is not enough, I would only every ship large amounts with someone I personally know and trust. Otherwise I’ll do it myself or split up into smaller chunks that I won’t sweat losing.

    Good luck, I hope you come up with an answer you are happy with.

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