Yup, They are still meeting (CSM 5.7)

“So, welcome back.” Scotty shoved the cream and sugar across the table.

The coffee was adjusted, tasted and declared perfect before Mike answered “Thanks. Been taking a bit of a break from studies. Gave the brain a rest and didn’t even have a skill training, inside. Was nice having a quiet mind for a bit.”

“Wouldn’t know. Universe seems to keep on going and making noise whether we pay attention or not, doesn’t it.”

“Yup . . . was just reading the latest from the CSM. They have fallen out of the news but they are stiull working along and doing some interesting new things along the way.”

“Oh?” Scotty leaned back. “Do tell.”

“Well, for openers they have decided to keep a more accurate list of things the CSM’s of the past have asked for . . . the lowhanging fruit was a term I heard brought up. It puts things in perspective and shows the duration some things have been begged for.”

“Any of those light your fire?”

“Well, a bigger watch list? Easier bookmark transfer and logistics? Hell most of the ideas in there are good ones even if I wouldn’t notice if they were added. The thing is this list is dynamic and helps show what has been asked for before and by how many people/councils. It is a good idea dn well executed. I understand Trebor Daehdoow did the background work on it and a damn fine job of it, he did.”

“Well it is nice to see the communications going well. They manage anything else or was that it?”

“Next one had a but of an argument and it was training rewards for folks who are willing to help out in testing. Seems that there are already some rewards for specific testing events and they wanted to make it more broad in its spread. It passed 6-3 but I think it may have to go back for more of a rethink.”

“Dontcha believe in rewarding the folks involved in research?” Scotty sipped his own drink and looked at Mike curiously.

“Actually, I think it falls short of the mark. I think those involved in theoretical testing ought to see more tangible real world rewards. But that is just me, I suppose. Then there was a call to increase how well magentomic sites paid off, another that asked that our industry showed current number of jobs in science and industry pages right next to the max number of possible jobs. All the proposals they brough forward passed.”

“Rubber stamping time?”

“No, I think the CSM is working harder behind the scenes to make sure proposals are well polished by the time they hit the metting. Makes for less arguments when things are clear in what is asked for. But there was some after the slate of issues discussion that concerned me. Me specifcally.”

“Not by name I assume.”

Mike chuckled. “I doubt most of the CSM have a clue I exist. No but they were discussing about publishing results of August planning meeting re CSM items. They were tossing around the idea that most folks wouldn’t care anyways and that only the political fanbois would ever read such things. To quote Mazz

i am still of the opinion that nobody is going to give a shit about a huge chunk of all that nobody except the hardcore csm fanbois care about csm history, and all the hardcore csm fanbois have probably been on the csm itself should could would i really cant imagine anyone not directly working with that stuff to care

Scotty laughed. “Not all the fanbois have been on the CSM yet, is that what you mean?”

“Well, more than just me. I am sure there are others who like a peek behind the curtains. But they aren’t as noisy as I am.”

“A real rabble rouser, you are.” Scotty drawled.

“Well, in the end they decided to wait another week. They are . . .” Mike rolled his eyes “trying to show excellence is worth waiting for.”





Yes, the CSM is still out there working hard for you, but not noisily.
I try to make a bit of noise for the seventeen folks who read this.

For those of you who think that the CSM is a glorified ‘free trip to Iceland’ I want you to remember all the flipping hours they put in, quietly. The above meeting went very smoothly and only took 1 hr 50 minutes. Not all go that well or that fast.

I truly fear we could lose really good players to the CSM making Eve too much of a job for the game to remain fun.

Oh, this is post 99 of this blog, next one I break into the triple digits. I know for a lot of bloggers that is nothing special, but it is for me.


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7 Responses to Yup, They are still meeting (CSM 5.7)

  1. rantuket says:

    Trebor is in our alliance conglomerate and I know that he puts in a tremendous amount of time towards making the game better.

    Congratulations on almost tipping 100 posts!

  2. Latrodanes says:

    Keep up the excellent job. A couple of points:

    1.) For every loudmouth slamming the CSM, there is a much larger number of players supporting this unique effort. The CSM is doing good things.

    2.) Your readership may or may not include those that track your blog via Google Reader, ala moi.

    Fly safe.

  3. Squizz Caphinator says:

    *ahem* make that 18!

    (I read via RSS feeds)

  4. Mynxee says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Mike. I easily spend 8 hours a week on CSM stuff…EASILY. That’s one whole workday. On top of my real work day and other RL obligations. The “free trip to Iceland” is a hilarious myth for anyone who exerts effort in their CSM role–be it publicly or behind the scenes (even if only within their own alliance).

    Is it worth it? I don’t know. If *feels* like it, given the progress made. I’ll reassess that at the end of this term. But I subscribe to the philosophy that any job worth doing is worth doing well.

    There is definitely a danger of CSM burning me out for the game. I’m aware of it, and trying to keep it in balance. That’s one reason why–when I’m logged in for an op or a roam–I don’t sit in the CSM channels. It’s nice just to focus on playing.

    Trebor is a gem.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I read this and I wonder at my sanity for repeatedly running for the CSM But then I realize the sanity question has been settled for a very long time and I stop worrying about it.

      You do give lie to the statement I made about the CSM not knowing I exist.

      Oh, and as for not constantly monitoring the CSM public channel? Good for you! Anybody who expects you to be on call 24/7 and not play the game is not worth talking to in the first place. I feel guilty if I even dare send you a message.

      Go on Ops, have fun and hunt to your hearts content. Go for a walk IRL in a forest as the leaves begin to turn. Live . . . we will be here when you get back.


  5. Mynxee says:

    ♥ Oh, I have been doing exactly that–riding more, walking more, and spending more time in my art studio rather than spending all my spare time on the game. There have even been *gasp* days when I didn’t even log in!

    This is not to say that being a CSM member doesn’t have its upsides. It feels good to be able to positively influence something that so many people love. It’s fun working with the smart, amusing, clever, engaging folks on the CSM and at CCP. My awareness of in-game politics and other aspects of the game and the meta-game has increased exponentially. I have met a lot of compelling people since I began my CSM5 campaign. And yeah…Iceland is a neat place to get to go to!

  6. Only 8 hours a week, Mynxee? I am so fail, I have to spend twice that to get my work done. Expound on your time management secrets, my Queen.

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