In it

Mike sat in Jita and opened the local channels, letting the sound wash over him like the thrum of frogs from back on the bayou. He chuckled as the old scams still showed they had a life of their own. ‘I will send back double” and “Navy Raven” classics filled the airwaves. Then there were the “Two plexes for 600 million” where he could easily see that there was only one being offered.

“Big universe, lots o fools” he said, more to himself than anyone else and lifted from 4-4 to find quieter pastures.

He, in his Wolf, wandered towards Ghesis to check on some details but he took the time to stop at local sights and drop in on any known Ded spaces reported. It didn’t make much isk but he disliked Sansha gaining any sort of foothold in his area. As he traveled he kept an ear on The Summit to see if there had been any change in the Sansha invasions. It had been so quiet for so long he could not tell if there was still a reason to monitor the channel. Every time he started to think maybe it was time to move on he would look at the tally of people lost to the ‘upliftings’ of the Sansha raids and he would continue to monitor, continue to watch.

He opened a few more channels and listened to the chatter as he slow-boated along. A trend made him frown and he listened a bit closer. Not many folks were just ‘talking’. It seemed like it was all sales and business or min/max discussions of how to squeeze every last bit out of a ship for your isk. Not that this was a bad thing . . . just it was so damn impersonal. Mike sighed and skimmed through some shots he had taken recently and then consulted “Eve Travel” He wanted to go places and see some new sights. The race had shaken something loose and now Mike felt the urge to explore . . .

His comm chimed and the hologram of a redhead with a mischievous smile appeared. “Hey handsome”

Laughing he replied “Heyas Cutie . . . I was thinking of doing a wander, see the something new.”

“I thought you’d already seen everything.” She played with a button on her blouse.

“Wicked thing. No I meant in space. I have never been to New Eden to see the Gate. I have been exploring some old ruins up in hisec but I always wanted to see where it all started. Want to go on a trip with me?”

The smile went from mischief to wicked in a smooth transition. “What is in it for me?”



Sometimes the trip is the thing, other times it is the destination. But what is in it is a change of pace, maybe a bit of risk. But take a vacation in the game . . . travel, see some of those sights or look back and realize WHY Eve wins graphics awards and has for years. Remember the OOOOH the first time you hit space (followed by ‘how can I fly this in 1st person’)

Try to regain the ‘holy shit look at that’ that you once had for the game.

It is MORE than spreadsheets in space. MORE than shooting red crosses in the distance or clicking till carpal tunnel sets in. Or it should be.

Yes, I RP some, that makes this game live for me.

One of my readers (one of the 16 who I think read this regularly) asked where the rp channels are. Where are the people playing the game on a different level than the masses?

So . . .Tell me (and him). Where is the RP channels, the pubs that serve rum, the stations we don’t have to walk in to talk to others in or out of our corps but still chat in character.

Please comment on this one . . .


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3 Responses to In it

  1. Szilardis says:

    To be honest, when I made the trip, I went in a frigate. It was mostly deserted the majority of the way to New Eden, and the eve gate was singularly disappointing. Perhaps worth it for what it means to the back story, but that,s about what I can see.

  2. Rixx Javix says:

    It’s interesting to me how the blogging community tends to travel subjects in waves, these topics have been in my mind lately as well as others. I honestly wouldn’t know where the RP channels might be, since I do not RP in-game. I certainly RP in-mind, as RJ is as much a real personage (albeit pixel based) as I am.

    Despite the increasingly veteran status of my characters however, and the lapses from time-to-time, I still enjoy spinning my ship in warp, zooming in and out on that really cool “thing” in space, and all the wonders that Eve presents.

    And then, of course, I usually blow them up.

  3. hm,

    i loved the trip to the eve gate … done it already 3 times. Compared to all other skyboxes in eve, eve gate rocks. Sad that the sorrounding systems are boring, because first time i wanted to settle down there.


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