Letters home III

. . . so next time we’ll remember to make sure the chamber and the hoppers are empty before running a diagnostic on 800mm cannons.

Jiorj came back through the system a couple of days ago looking, well I don’t know how to describe it, driven . . .yeah that might be the closest term for it. He had been hanging out in nullsec and now he has set his sights on a wormhole. He found a few folks he says he trusts and he just touched base to pick up some more skills and switch to a battlecruiser. He went for a hurricane but I don’t think that is working out well for him because he was back a day or two later and shopping again. Now he has a drake and the ‘cane in the hole, wherever that is, and has sent messages out that he may want a shipment prepared for pickup.

He’s moved me up to dock manager and so I get some access to his wallet . . . not much happened up or down while he was in Null but this wormhole looks like it might be something better. He is spending isk hand over fist to step up into the BC’s but he is also receiving deposits from his corp that have almost exactly balance his expenditures. But it is costing him something other than isk. When we commed lats he looked twitchy and kept checking a side scanner as we talked as though he expected an invasion fleet at any moment. If he ever comes back to empire or even nullsec he is either going to be a broken blade or far far too sharp.

But it is not my place to say. He pays us well and has me line up the next purchases for the next time he comes ‘out of the hole’.

My love to all back home . . . .



The paranoia you build in a wh is absolutely scary.

Especially when your corp mates talk blithely about being on their third T3 cruiser. Even more so when you are still in a T1 BC.

But it is a different part of the game and Jiorj continues to try to be everywhere, do a bit of everything.

My time in SIRadio was nice but I did not fit the time slot and just didn’t have the right skill-points to solo in null (yet) So On Jiorj moves . . . lowsec->null->wh-> what comes after that?


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1 Response to Letters home III

  1. Well it was fun to see you in corp chat – fly safe out there!

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