Low profile

Mike looked around the room and over to the holo-images that were people who wanted to attend but could not come in person. “Ok, I want to lay this out right from the start. I am working on the assumption of ‘relative security’ but I do not expect absolute. If you all could avoid handing the final game plans over to the other side? I’d appreciate it.”

Chuckles answered him and a few took drinks from whatever they had requested. In the distance the thump of a bass beat reached at the bodies of those present as the Party Boat was in full swing. “Yeah, I know, real subtle and below the radar, that’s me. But to business. I hope you all have done the reading I recommended. If any didn’t get the package . . . ”

“Yeah, about that. I saw that you included how to set up a gate camp. I thought we were going in a race?” Kotacko leaned back as he asked the question.

“We are and I know you probably have a fair idea of how to run a gate camp but I want some of the others to have a clue as to what they are up against. Simple details like how a bubble works and where we can expect to see them. Or how fast can a decent tackler get a lock.” Mike grinned around the room. “I practiced a bit with Mar, here. He had a ship set up and showed me in no uncertain terms that I either need to modify the Party Boat or accept the fact that I am gonna see some locks on me unless . . . .”

“No unless about it. If I can lock you then you have to figure there are gonna be a lot more out there that can do the same. You have a plan for that, don’t you?” Mar asked with a smile.

“Aside from the one you have already seen? Yes. I plan on being juuuust the right speed. The interceptors are gonna pull ahead leaving me in their dust. I hope they hit the camps first and ‘occupy’ the time of the campers long enough for me to slip past.”

“Security through obscurity?”

“Exactly. I will be low key all the way.” The door opened behind Mike and a dancer wearing little more than two dots, a dash, and a smile came in to hand him a drink. She then left, giggling. “Yup, under the radar and never doing anything that will make me stand out . . . that’s the plan.” He took a sip of the drink and grinned.

“We are so dead.”

Setting the drink to the side Mike clapped his hands once and said briskly. “So. To business. Aside from knowing how the gate camps might work I wanted to give some of you a few details about things you can do to help even from a distance.”

“Here it comes, he is going to ask for more isk.” Bob groaned to Marham.

Laughing, mike continued. “I need a few folks good at remote scouting, reading the maps and predicting choke points and possible camp sites. I am going to be running hard and trying to look ahead at the same time but there is only so much I can do. I want them looking at the stats for systems, the dotlan route planning, alternate routes if a really big camp is spotted. I’ll need good communications for ‘Friends of the Party'”

“I can help out there, maybe not with the maps but we will see about setting up a secure channel.” Bob said from the side.

“Excellent. I also would love it if some of you were willing to do some last minute scouting and making of bookmarks. We should soon have a clue as to the general region, a few nullsec safes in possible routes would be a nice thing. That being said there is also the more ‘fun jobs'”

“Here it comes.” Marham said to Bob.

“I want hunters. I want the people who think that the race is a rolling buffet to be a bit worried that it is THEM who are on the menu. The last minute nature of the race route should make them less organized, let’s take advantage of that. If I get popped along the way I may switch over to hunt mode and take in a ship or three to explain to campers that being stationary for two long is something I like in a target.”

“This is going to cost.” Mike didn’t see who said that but he nodded amiably.

“It is. No two ways about it. Some of you have already donated to the race fund and we got some major donations as well as offers of experience and advice from some old friends of mine. Aside from some large donation by Odessa Marie of the Evebowl I chatted with some educational folks. Black Claw of OUCH gave me some tips on lowsec survival as well as 30 million isk. Dee Carson, who was a mover and shaker in Eve Uni contacted me and told me to ‘pimp the boat’.”

“Judging from the dancers, I’d say you’ve done that.” Mar observed.

“No, he meant put some isk into it. He tossed 250 into the kitty.”

“That’s not much.”

Mike grinned wolfishly “250 million?”

Stunned silence filled the room. “Where do you meet these people?”

“I chat with a lot of folks, I write and listen to them . . .I did NOT have the guts to ask Chribba for a donation but I was tempted. Escoce contacted me. He is experienced at lowsec trading and he gave me a few pointers on fittings that I am still working on.

“So aside from the dancers, what sort of pimping did you have in mind?”

Mike laid out the blueprints of the party boat and they started discussing . . . .



1) The RACE is on, more than 40 signed up, from what I hear. Come on folks, join in or become part of the party crew. Betting for the distance the boat will make it will be posted later this week.

2) You can help even if you are not in the race.
a) Cheer on someone you know (or me)
b) Fly somewhere along the route and either shoot for or against
c) Fly with the racers but not be a part of it (If violence occurs there could be some wicked salvage left along the trail)
d) Drop Rixx a line thanking him for making this possible
e) Place your bets when it opens, will I make it through a single lowsec gate? Will I make it to null?

3) At least three bloggers are running IN the race. Come and be ‘famous’

4) Not too late to join the Friends of the Party. An easy way to be a friend is to NOT shoot me when I go by. Slightly more strenuous is to shoot the other folks who are shooting at me.

5) The ultimate would be someone who is along the race route and offers a boat switch when mine runs out. If I can get clear with a pod and someone is nearby then switch and continue without the trouble of jump cloning and rerouting . . . pony express racing.

6) I appreciate suggestions . . . most of the ones I have received so far have been great. Seriously. Black Claw? Escoce? These guys make me willing to even try this sort of thing. I am a carebear missioneer. I build ships and I mine and I do all those petty little things that the ‘real players’ sneer at. But when you read the blogs of the pirates, the ninjas, the null sec wars you get curious. There ARE folks out there willing to teach you, to welcome you to the bigger game. Just look around or ask me . . . for all that I am a carebear I am a well read one.


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