One of those nights

Mike pulled up a stool and slumped over. “Tequila and leave the bottle.”

The bartender shrugged and fetched the order. Mike shot one back and poured the second carefully. Scotty joined him when he was halfway through the bottle, about 20 minutes later. “Yer not one to usually drink alone . . . whats going on, lad?”

“I am afraid to go home, afraid to go back into space . . . I’m cursed.”

“Cursed is it? And what would it be that made you think that?”

Silently the comm pad slid across the bar to sit in front of Scotty. After-action reports, three of them, highlighted. Ah, you lost a ship . . .so it happens . . ah, two ships . . . and a pod?” Scotty started to read closer. “You were fighting Amarr again. But a megathron? Thats a bit of a beast to lose.”

‘I made that boat, mined most of the minerals for it as well.” Mike shot back another drink and refilled the glass. “But I hadn’t taken her out in quite a while and I was rusty. So I got overwhelmed and I lost her. Simple mistake. Expensive, if I had bought it. Woulda been less expensive IF I had insurance. But there you go.”

“So thats not a sign of a curse, lad. Anybody can make a mistake.”

Another shot, another sigh. “I shouldn’t even have taken the damn mission. But anyways, I have to go back to get whatever is left from the wreckage, you know? I autopilot back to get my Ishtar and do this mission right”

Scotty looked down at the comm and shook his head. “And lost that one as well?”

“And all the drones. So I have to head back to Cat, 20 odd jumps, and I am feeling stretched thinner and thinner so I set the autopilot and close my eyes to gather my thoughts.”

The comm told the details. “What was this guy doing setting off a smartbomb in hisec anyways?”

“No idea. I figure I just got caught in the crossfire of someone elses fun and games. But I wake up in Cat and jump right back into a ship.”

“Nay the . . . ”

“Yup one of the two ships I can never afford to replace. I Get into the Navy Scorpion. By my count there should be about a dozen battleships waiting for me back there and one or two of them hit REALLY hard.”

“Wait wait wait. You said you went straight back to the ships bay. STRAIGHT back? As in no stops on the way?”

“None . . . not even to the medical bay . . . I forgot to update my clone.” Another shot followed its brethren.

“Oh lad, that is alll kinds of wrong. So you got in the ship . . . ”

‘Checked that I had enough ammo and started back along the 20 jumps to try to salvage what was left of my ships and my dignity. As I am goiong I decide to look jup some of the amarr ships that were shooting me and had cost me two nice ships so far.”

“What did you find?”

Another shot. “Elite forces. I had been all set for normal forces and they sent their best. Four, FOUR of the battleships were high end and they were after me. It was almost like they had set this up as a trap, and I had walked right into it, three times. As I finish reading the Kodachi on them . . . ”

“Good author, knows his ships.”

“Yeah, well as I finish reading up on them I am back in the pocket with them, and in the distance lies the control tower the Amarr are setting up.” His hand was not as steady as he poured the next shot.

“So you have lost a megathron, a well loaded Elite Cruiser and now you are taking in an even more expensive thing for them to destroy?”

“You forgot to mention my clone status.”

‘Oh and if you die this time . . . ”

“Yup, that about sums it up.” ((Oh, and shutdown in less than an hour . . .just to add a touch of time pressure as well . . . not good))

“So? What happened?”

“I fly a bloody navy Scorpion all the time. I do not ‘forget’ range or tactics with it. I also do not do stupid things like fly it on autopilot across a region where silly-ass exgoons are shooting off smartbombs. When I got to the site I backed way way off and lobbed missiles at the tower, ignoring the battleships. Blew it to hell and its little side towers went up in a sympathetic explosion that was quite satisfying.”

“Did you go back to salvage?”

“Damn rights I did, and everything was gone, lost in the rest of thee space debris. Cursed I tell you, cursed.



Actually stupid is the correct term.

1) Autopilot is not safe, it is a dumb way to travel, even in hisec

2) Always double check you clone status. I got lucky and did not lose anything permanent.

3) If you switch out ships from shield to armor tank, from close to sniper, from fast to slug. Take some time to familiarize, or you might do some very stupid and expensive things.

4) Salvage only lasts so long, but it so hurts to see it evaporate just as you are opening it up. Especially when it still had all your sentry drones safe and sound in the wreck.

There was supposed to be another Party boat post about here. but this all happened this evening . . . and I am a firm believer in hoping someone can learn from my mistakes, because it seem I can’t


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3 Responses to One of those nights

  1. Rixx Javix says:

    Oh man have we all made that one, or one very similar, before! It happens and we pull ourselves up and try again. Hurts though.

  2. BobFenner says:

    Mike, I feel your pain mate. Been there done that, got the gaffa taped keyboard and dented wall to prove it. 🙂

  3. wamphyrri says:

    Ouch, man, that hurts.

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