BB 19 Riding the elephant


Welcome to the nineteenth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by none other than me, CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed to crazykinux (AT) Check out other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

This months topic comes to us from @evepress, who he asks: The CSM: CCP’s Meta Game? The CSM, an EVE players voice to CCP. Right? In the grand scheme of things yes, the players bring up issues and the CSM presents them to CCP. But in its current iteration the CSM was supposed to be given small authority to assign CCP assets to projects that the CSM thought needed work on. As it has come out, this was not the case. So fellow bloggers, is the CSM worth it, has the CSM improved the game in any way, or is it just a well thought out scam by CCP to give us players a false sense of input in the game? What’s your take?


Scotty sat with Mike in the cafe and looked out on the hangers. Occasionally the comm would chime as some fool in a hurry would ask for ships sw3itches 20 seconds after their last ship switch and Scotty would yawn and tell them to slow down and take their time. Then the conversation would continue. “So you don’t think it is some huge stunt?”

‘Well, no.” Mike stretched his neck to see is he could get the waitresses attention and another round of coffee brought over. “The way I see it, as soon as they started the CSM they kinda put their rep on the line. The whining and complaining I see is the same sort you are handling right now. When someone wants change they want it right the hell now. As soon as they come up with a new idea they start to wonder why everyone else has not realized that this is the next thing that must be done and made the requisite changes. You have people who would bounce from ship to ship every 3 seconds if you let them. We have people who are the same way about ideas.”

“Well, there are ideas and then there are things that need to be done or should be done.”

Mike nodded. “I know and I do think that the ball does get dropped or laid aside in favor of some other new toy, every now and again. That is why the CSM is in place. To pick up the dropped balls and try to get them back in play. It is no secret that I am a big fan of the CSM and it would be damn hypocritical of me to slag them just because it was the current consensus.”

Scotty nodded and smiled. ‘So you think everything is fine?”

“Hell, no. I think we have a good CSM council and they are trying harder to be more effective and running into the bane of organizations everywhere.”

“Idiots in Charge?”

“No” Mike laughed. “Inertia and momentum. It is easy for the passenger to yell ‘turn here’ but a lot harder for the driver to comply if he is flying a fully loaded carrier. All organizations have this sort of inertia that makes sudden change damn near impossible. The bigger the organization, the slower it is to react to change, whether it is needed or not.”

Scotty muttered something about ” . . . . agile”

“Elephants can claim to be the most agile elephant in the herd, but they still are not going to be racing up the tree faster than a monkey. CCP is an elephant and it wants to be the biggest in the herd. It can trumpet agile all it wants but at the end of the day it has to plan each step out before it brings down its feet. CSM is trying to be the mahout on top of the elephant but once it is up to speed there are NO sudden turns. Right now the question running on the comms is whether the mahout should give up or whether the elephant may throw the rider completely. I think neither is going to happen.” He took a sip of his coffee. “It is not an even partnership. Never has been, never will be. CSM rides at the permission of the CCP but it is along for the ride and they share a common goal. Both want a better way to go. Five times has the CSM been elected and I don’t think we have the understanding of cooperation between rider and mount, yet. May not happen for a while.” Mike grinned “Maybe when I get elected.”

Laughter answered him. “Going to run again?”

“Try and stop me”


No, I don’t think it is a publicity stunt
No I don’t think the members are in it for the ‘free trip’
No, it is not perfect and probably never will be
Yes, it is getting better
Yes, we did well in the elections choosing good people (I’m looking at YOU Mynxee)


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