Mine mine

The poster was simple and to the point:

Temperate mining and factory facility is hiring, preference given to Veterans.

The agent he hired to do the interviews and make up two of the three teams was someone he had worked with often and things went smoothly as a result. The professor staffed the dig personnel and the operation was ready to go on both fronts in about the same amount of time.

Mike looked into his hanger thinking about what he would fly. The Primae had yet to be christened but he had already heard rumours of a ‘contest’ to see who could pop the most planetary operation vessels. So, something with a large enough cargo hold but unlikely to be considered worth trying to kill.


They watched as all their gear was trundled aboard the ship and then necks craned back to try to take it all in.

“Mother of all. Is this what I think it is?” Shep was looking up at the ‘tail’ of the ship arcing high above the rest of it, like a weapon, ready to strike.

“I’m more worried about that.” Trace pointed a delicate hand off to the side where a troop of fully loaded mercenaries stood waiting for their turn to load. “I was told we were just doing a short couple of hops and staying in Empire space.”

Shep nodded. “A few things are making me think this might not be your average dig, aside from this.” his sweep of an arm took in the loading. “We have not been even told what sort of dig this is going to be.”

“Great Zimbabwe” Her reply was short and to the point. “He wants to make sure we do not have expectations that will prejudice the finds.”

“I know the theory, but this means he expects the find to be . . . significant. This is not just another dig, not if he is doing the full rigor right from the start. Especially not if we are bringing security in even before anything is found.”


“Nice quiet guard duty” He finger spoke in scout. The troop was waiting for their turn to load.

“Idiot, you know better than to jinx a mission with that sort of talk.” His companion grimaced.

“OK, then how about nice legs on that one over there?”

“That’s better, stick to things you know, guns, girls, and how you miss so often with both of them.”


Mike brought up the scan of the planet and adjusted it again. “Here is where the facility will go.”

“Yer daft, it will never work up to specs and you could do far better to shift it over to the . . . “

“We have been over this. I want the operation to be up and running but I am not worrying about it doing much more than covering basic costs. Even though this is in a hisec system with lots of traffic I am paying the danger bonus for a reason.” He touched the design and started indicating where the facilities would go. “I know this won’t work well but it is mainly there for show and eventually to pay for the scholarships, if and when it turns a profit.”


‘Yup, one for the archeologists, one for the mercenaries, and one for the miners.” Mike smiled. “I have heard bad things about some of the Planetary Operations. I want my operations the kind folks try sign onto.”

“Would be easier if you tried to make them profitable.” The foreman grumbled.

“That will come in its own time”



I think it all comes down to whether you want to play farmville in space. I set the PI stuff so I only have to check it every few days. This is NOT efficient and it will take ages for it to turn a profit. I don’t care. I am in this for a long haul, not the quick isk.

People who do not read and follow the outside game often have no warning about events like Hulkageddon or the Battleclinics latest anti PI run. Of course if you are stubborn enough to read even this you already are aware of such things.


(one post down, three more in the head begging to get out)

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