Nothing more dangerous than a stubborn and well spoken representative.

Mike sighed and watched as the work crews repaired the damage to his entry and another crew ‘swept’ the area for bugs. “Highest tech, assume, guys.”

“Hard to be sure, sir. Every time we make a finder they make a different hider.” One of the techs said. “But you ordered the subscription package so we will be keeping a steady sweep and upgrade, for now the jammers should keep you fairly secure. Use land line comms through our portal and we will make sure nothing is piggybacked.”

Mike nodded. “Thanks guys. And the upload from my monitors?”

“Backed up. She did disable the outer set. How did you know she would be doing that?”

“I assume that my shields will be hit. Basic armor tanking philosophy is let them shoot the shields, but keep the plates strong. She knows, if she has done her research that I fly shield ships, so I switched it up. If you need me I will be down in the bays.”

“Aye, sir.”


Mike found Scotty on the hanger floor supervising the loading of a freighter. “Heyas.” He handed across a coffee and sipped another of his own.

“Haven’t seen you for a while. Thought you ‘guest’ might have eaten you.”

“Was a close thing. You get a good look at her?” Mike grinned.

“And then some.” Scotty frowned. “A few of the boys were looking a bit . . . concerned.”

“Pass the word, they don’t need to be, but she is going to be wanting to make me look bad. Maybe try to flush me out of this system entirely.”

Scotty rolled his eyes. “Oh to have your problems. You follow the CSM summit?”

Mike grimaced. ‘Speaking of flushing, eh? Yeah, I read both Ankh’s and Mynxees reports. Going to be interesting to see the spin the main report will have.”

“You think they will spin it?”

“I think they have to. The CSM candidates pushed hard for some acknowledgment and I think they got some of it. But there is still a long way to go. They are asking that the powers that be become more responsible for things in the past. That is a lot to ask for as most decisions in the past have been like missiles. ‘Fire and forget’. My favorite part is that rather than demand changes to some things they are asking for metrics, instead. Especially focusing on lowsec.”

“You were part of one of Mynxees discussion groups for that, weren’t you?”

“Yup.” Mike chuckled. “Between her and Ankh I think CCP might be regretting giving women the vote. Those two may not agree but they don’t back down, either. Nothing more dangerous than a stubborn and well-spoken representative.”

Scotty looked at Mike for a moment and shook his head. “I still do not understand how you manage to make even the people you oppose friendly. Nor how you can admire them at the same time you fight them in an election.”

Mike laughed. “Maybe it’s the coffee. I don’t know the details of the Summit. When that gets published maybe we can grab a bite and go over it.”

“Sounds like a plan”


What the CSM may have got from the summit. (Quoted form Mynxees blog)

• Produce an Itemized List of CSM Submitted Items in Backlog
• Identify Tool/Process Change to Tag CSM Items in Backlog
• Publish a Dev Blog on Excellence
• Publish a Dev Blog on the Tyrannis Snafu: Numbers, Impact, Causes, Etc.
• Report to CSM on Percentages of PI Participation in Null, Low, and High Sec
• Report to CSM on Low Sec Demographic Data
• Publish a Low Sec Statistics Dev Blog (will satisfy previous bullet)
• Publish a Dev Blog on MMO Scaling Issues
• Report to CSM on Accessibility Alternatives to Removed Widescreen
• Request High Priority for Corporate Management UI Fixes from Internal Decision Makers (Again); Report Outcome to CSM
• Provide CSM with Time Estimates for List of Balance Issues We Will Provide

We did a good job in the last election and I want to thank the CSM as a whole for their efforts so far, this term.


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