Eve industrialist

Mike growled as he dragged the current market prices across the table towards him and started transferring them into the comm. “You’d think there was a better way to do this than transfer here and there.” He then added the stats from his latest blue prints and squinted to make sure the numbers added up. He had, more than once, taken a loss in contructing his own ships. It didn’t stop him from doing it because he took pride in the making.

Kry dragged a chair from an neighbouring table and sat next to him, the chair turned backwards. “Ah, the life of industry and trade. What are you up to?”

Mike grimaced. “Just trying to see if I am losing isk or making it. I have hangers full of stuff and I do not know if I am better off recycling the things or putting them up on the market. Then I want to run a price estimate of the Rokh I am going to be making, not to mention the Tarani . . .or whatever you call a bunch of taranis ships. But I am not made to do spreadsheets. I am a capsuleer, dammit, not an accountant.”

Kry laughed. “But you use a manual program like that, forcing you to enter data one piece at a time?”

“Well the systems are not compatable, what choice do I have?”

Kry waved for him to shush as she opened a comm channel and waited patiently. “It’s me, have you got it up and running yet?” She paused listening to the responce in an earbud. “I know, but if you wait till it is done . . . .it will never be done.” another pause. “Well so a few bits need tweaking. does it get the feeds? Does it compare prices? Are the prices current? Then it sounds pretty damn done. Look, I have a corpmate here . . . . ” Pause “No, he’s not that cute . . . anyways he dabbles in making and breaking and would be willing to be a guinea pig for your program.”

Mike murmered a protest and was waved silent again.

“Right, ok, I’ll have him contact you and treat him nice, he is one of those fragile ego kinda guys.” Kry laughed and closed the connection. “There, you are all set. Just a few steps to go through and then . . .”

“Guinea Pig,” Mike finished her sentence.

“My friend is making a program that bypasses the manual entry and allows you to search the data bases and see whether it would be better to recycle or sell. It gives estimates on costs of building ships. It even updates you on the best ores to be mining in a cost effectiveness calculation set that is dynamic to current market prices. That is how she got in touch with me. She heard about my mining.”

Mike grinned. “Queen of the Carebears.”

“And you all are my loyal subjects.” Kry sniffed imperiously and then grinned. “I have been trying to get her to join up with us but so far she wants to go it alone.”

“She making any isk doing all of this?” Mike asked.

“She is going to go with a subscription model. Try it for a month. The most you will lose is less than you lose when you don’t pay attention to your drones in that Ishtar of yours. One month, you try and I am willing to bet you will be offering her more for a long term subscription.”

“Fine, fine, who am I to argue with the Queen?”

“Damn right.”


The program does exist and I am bug testing it for a friend. If and when it is active and better set I will give y’all the links, right now it is still being looked at by a few folks from the forums. Funny thing is the fact they are violently defending their rights to use spreadsheets. As if a better interface is some sort of attack on the srs biznz of internet spreadsheets.

Stay tuned if you are thinking of trying this out and I will let you know when its author is a bit closer to done.


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