Planet planning prevents piss poor placement.

He squinted at the planet that floated in the simulation and then touched a control, colors lit the dull surface in an overlay of information.

“That is pretty, what is it?” Dee asked from the side.

“New interface, I am just learning the quirks of it prior to laying down the first control center.” Mike rotated the planet slowly and shifted the color scheme again. “The colors show the density of the deposits, I am trying to keep one in mind as I bring up a second so I can find the sweet spots on planets where more than one resource is close enough and plentiful enough to be of use.”

“So the sliders there are to . . . ”

“Hisec planets have been tapped for a long time, so relatively speaking they are almost empty, I have to slide the indicators way down to show any resources.” Mike adjusted the image again ne nodded. Good enough for now. It is going to be interesting, come the day of the openings. I have the notes from the professor as to two sites he would like me to ‘reserve/defend’ and then I have one or two for corp interests. So I hope to get one in for myself.”

“Isn’t there a limit to how many you can place?”

“Based on education. I have been studying for a while now trying to qualify to place the centers and improve my scans.”

“Studying for a while, eh? What would that equate to in university terms?”

Mike ran his hand across the top of his head and looked out the window at the hanger. “They haven’t set a criteria, yet. I figure I am about at a BSc. level and working to get to Masters before the ban is lifted. But what with the wars . . . ”

“Wars? You mean the battles with the Sansha?”

“Well that has gone kind of quiet. Nobody is sure what they are up to but since the big battle at Maut. A few odd shuttles here and there . . . but that is not the shooting war. We got decced.”

“Again? Why this time?”

Mike shrugged. “Not sure. But he made an odd choice of people to attack. A Gallente based corp and it turns out he cannot come to Gallente space. We did the usual investigations.”

She corrected him softly. “You did.”

“No, others did some good research as well. But we got a line on his corp, his friends, his ships. The usual. Now he is not a tyro, he flies stuff I cannot even afford to look at, Nightmare, Widow, Rattlesnake . . . that sort of thing. But when we dug deeper we found out he is a jackal.”


“He scavenges other peoples battles and tries to trick them into engaging him in combat. Uses a Stabber for his ‘bait’ then brings back the Rattler and killes them off. If the enemy looks impressive he has a few worker bee’s with Ravens who will remote rep and back him up. So we brought in a few people and watched his operation. Sent in our own bait and he brought out an Ashimmu to meet it. We decided to show him we care and dropped in to visit and pop his little faction ship.”

“Make him mad?”

Mike grinned. ‘Oh no. We were foolish and total failures. He got that ship cheap and we revealed our trap and then stood there watching him in his Rattlesnake and two Ravens yelling at us at how much he is ahead. ‘Come test my ship!’. We laughed and refused to rise to the bait, proving what losers we are. We left some people to watch him and dispersed. But we are all parked nearby and will drop in and visit him again, sometime soon. He hasn’t managed to kill any of our ships, but that is, no doubt, just an oversight.”

Dee laughed. “Losing the war, eh?”

“So the Sansha tell us, so this jackal tells us. I must be some sort of bad luck. Every war I am in, we are assured that we are losing.”

“So they tell you.”

“Well, I am but a poor Gallente pilot, I HAVE to take their far more experienced word on important matters like that.”

Dee laughed and changed the subject to other matters, like what was for supper.


We have a corp rule against smack talk, but the boss lets us read it. We laugh a lot in my corp.

I am looking forward to how the Planetary stuff will go. If you plan on getting in on that and you have not been to the eve university tutorial you are a damn fool.

The battles against the Sansha have ‘stalled’ but the final battles were recorded and are available on youtube

I might recommend this, this, or this

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