Inside sources say

She found him working on three comm devices at the same time. Two were audio only and the third was a virtual conference. She stepped closer but stayed out of view of the pickup. “Sansha?”

Mike nodded at her and minimised all three, killing the outgoing feeds. ‘Yeah, been waiting for something new to happen and monitoring the Planetary networks to see how the land rush goes. Also trying to keep up with the Alliance and . . . .”

Dee interupted him. “You forgot all about campaigning for the CSM, didn’t you?”

“I did a bit, spoke with some folks while I was in system, told them what the CSM was.”

“Did you get onto the vote matching?”

He sighed. “It was on my list of things to do, but I missed the entry window, No, I didn’t.”

“No, instead of thinking about yourself you went and worked with Free to rescue some slaves. Instead of campaigning you were busy fighting Sansha and trying to be in a dozen systems at the same time. Instead of promoting yourself you were trying to get more people to care and to vote, even if they didn’t vote for you. You did say good things about other candidates when you were running, didn’t you?”

Mike nods, sighing. “I suppose the votes are in?”

“Biggest turnout ever, amongst capsuleers. But inside sources inside say you are not the recipient of very many of those votes.”

Mike grinned. “Ah well, there is always next time.”

She stared at him. “Anything ever get you down?”

“Oh sure. I am very sorry those who did vote for me didn’t choose a winner. I am sorry that I didn’t get a chance to serve on the CSM. But am I sad? No, I am a relative unknown and my platform has been one to cater to the folks who don’t vote. I’ll most likely be damn fool enough to run again, but I am who I am and that seldom gets a someone like me elected. I was glad to have a chance to speak to a few people about the election and I hope some of the things I said still make it to the CSM table. If I have to go the long way around and push it through the general assembly, I will.” He gestured to the icons of the three comms. “It is not like I have nothing to do now that the election is over.”


I want to thank those who voted, even more so those who voted for me. I am sorry I did not work harder to make yoiur votes worth something.


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3 Responses to Inside sources say

  1. Zzzzleepyhead says:

    What the? I’m confused. I realise this is an old post but it seems evebloggers kocked me back here and haven’t read this or the later posts so good catching up.

    But to my confusement. I thought you made it to CSM? Did I just dream that?

  2. Zzzzleepyhead says:

    Scratch that. I just re-read the date of the posting. 2010… My bad. 🙂

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