Trust and Loyalty

Loyalty and trust is an ephemeral quality, especially in a cut-throat galaxy like New Eden. Eve has made its name in backstabbing, scamming, betrayals on a scale that beggar the imagination. Trusted banks closing and taking all the money. CEO’s destroying their own alliances and running off with the cash and assets.

For all the reasons there are NOT to trust, however, there is more fun, more gain, more things to do when you are part of a group than there are to do alone. Spies may be listening in but you still talk to other people. They might be forming a gate camp for you up ahead but you still x-up into fleet. You pay taxes into a corp knowing that the CEO could take all the income and use it to buy himself a fleet of Zephyrs and Exotic Dancers. If you want to enjoy the world to its fullest then you trust someone, somewhere. In doing that you are may get burnt and perhaps even burnt badly but you still wind up trusting.

So how do you decide where to put your loyalties, how do you play this out? Currently the Sansha are invading systems and stealing civilians from the planets. Some capsuleers have stepped forward to defend people they have never met. Others have declared on the side of the Sansha and are actively supporting the raids. There is a third group of opportunists who take the chaos of battle to salvage and snipe from the side and will take what they can. The last group is the majority, players who have neither the time not the opportunity to take part in this series of events.

War is most definitely a case where loyalties need to be declared and where they are tested. I spoke with a few people who were heavily involved in the battles on both sides to find out a bit about how they have chosen to place their loyalties and what they expect from this war. I chose these people to interview because they are near the center of the conflict and have been very active in the Strategic Accord on Re-Emerging Powers meetings, also known as The Summit.

I interviewed a few people for this and tried to keep to a similar line of questioning with each one but I found dealing with the Nation loyalists to be . . . frustrating. After they have allied themselves with the Sansha they seem to give over some basic ability to reason or to answer questions beyond rote responses. The people opposing the Sansha were a very diverse group, which I suppose is why they are opposing the Sansha in the first place. When asked why they were in the war the Nation folk would either claim that the Nation was unstoppable or divert to another answer. The Empire defenders spoke of the losses of civilians, their hatred of the Sansha slavery practices, or just the chance to get into a good battle.

This did bring up a side story in that one of the Empire pilots, Victoria Stecker was having her loyalties . . .tested

Victoria Stecker > Well, the short version is that my corp and alliance declared their support for the Nation invasion a while back – not because we agree with them or want them to succeed, but because it further’s our own goals.
Mike Azariah > chaos and crying?
Victoria Stecker > I had a bit of a …. spat… with my CEO, due to my own personal hatred of Nation.
Noland Devon > Shooting on pirates is one thing, but we’ve flown together before…
Victoria Stecker > And as long as there are Nation targets on the field, I’ll be killing them first.
Noland Devon > I won’t fire upon you on the field. Period. I’ll honor that, right here before these capsuleers present.
Noland Devon > If I encounter a threat on behalf of your Alliance, I’ll handle it accordingly to the terms of the engagement.
Nola Doyle > You don’t stay in a tank with sharks when there’s blood in the water.
Noland Devon > A promise is a promise.
Victoria Stecker > Well, at least show me the respect of shooting back if I open fire. Once the Nation targets are down, I tend to do after anything that’s red and flashy. Just an impulse.
Lenell > How honorable.
C Walken > Fraternizing with the enemy Vikki? tsk tsk
Mike Azariah > hey, if she is willing to wait till Nation targets are gone I think that is VERY honourable of her
C Walken > Shouldn’t get too attached to these people
Victoria Stecker > Blow it out your ass, Walken.

(It should be noted that Walken is Victorias CEO)

So we had a person who hated the Nation enough to go against the wishes of her nown corp. Another who, while war-decced now by that corp would honour the mini cease fire as long as Sansha were on the field.

So I asked her another question.

Mike Azariah > Do you personally value loyalty at all or do you expect to stab anybody in the back given the chance and expect the same of others you deal with?
Victoria Stecker > Do I value loyalty…. not really. It is a handy way to manipulate people when available. I have done things out of self interest that appear to be motivated by loyalty. I don’t plan on stabbing people in the back. it is simply a question of what’s in my own best interest, both short- and long-term. If someone has outlived their usefulness, then I feel no alleigence to them.

At this point I recalled a very old 2-D performance from my archives.

Me? I’m dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly, it’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid.” – Captain Jack Sparrow

So we come back to loyalties and who you associate with. Would you rather fly with someone who tells you up front that they are in it for themselves? Or with somoene who promises you everything and may or may not deliver? Who can you trust and do they trust you back?


If some of you are afraid of coming into the middle of this storyline that is developing, don’t be. Check out the latest updates as to how bad the attacks have been here

Join channels in game such as Synepublic, The Summit, Live Events and get in on the action. IF you think storylines that develop in game are a good idea then show your support for them and let CCP know that they are a good thing to make this game better.

m (someone you can trust)

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  1. Seismic Stan says:

    I trust you Mike. You keep getting my name wrong, but I don’t mind. You’ve just got one of those faces.

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