You want ME to call targets?

The alarm woke Mike form the first sound sleep he had had in a real bed in weeks.

He did not appreciate that but he rolled to his feet and muttered “Audio only, Go”

*Sir, you requested notification if a Sansha raid was detected within 12 jumps*

“Yes, thank you, Hi, low, or nullsec?”


Mike looked up at the ceiling reviewing the ships in his hanger. “Ready the Stabber, upload coordinates and planet, notify the fleets I am in.” He pulled on a utility coverall and sprinted from the room. In the lift he continued to give orders to his crew. “Skeleton only, unload all but 1500 rounds. Full survival suits or you aren’t on my ship.” He paused, he had a nasty feeling he was forgetting something. “Open twin comms, Syne and The Summit. Local offset. Activate fleet voice as soon as we have it.” No, that wasn’t it.

The Stabber lept from the hanger and shot out, warping almost before it was clear of the docking rings. Gates flashed by as the sit reps came in. Julianus Soter was commanding the fleet and Mike confirmed vox comms as he jumped into the 0.2 system. Julianus was calm and clear as he callled warp in points and identified the new ships as friend or foe when they came inot orbit around planet IV. He was even calm as the enemy identified the General as a priority target and removed his ship from the field in a focussed attack. Mike had driven the stabber straight into the pack of Sansha battleships and was tagetting, orbitting and cycling guns for all he was worth. He almost missed Julianus calmly asking that he call the targets and coordinate until the Generals return.

“Ok, gang, lighting up target. If you cannot see the indicators then hit whatever I am closest to.” Mike kicked the microwarp drive and came within spitting distance of a battleship and watched as the shields and armor fell off in huge flaming chunks. He lined up a second as the first explonded and called the shift of target.

*Pirate incoming, consider hostile and eliminate*

Mike looked from the warning to the name and quickly found the Dramiel orbitting a short distance away. “Locking him up.” He activated neuts and the guns and the Concord override. This was not a time for hesitation or niceties. Either you were with the fleet or you were a target. The Dramiel melted and the next pirate was driven off swiftly. They returned to popping the battleships. When he was targetted Mike grinned, taking it almost as a compliment. Julianus had returned so his services were no longer needed and he warped his pod away from the wreckage of the stabber with an almost gleeful smile on his face. Shortly thereafter the villians, both Sansha and pirate were swept from the site and not a single civilian was lifted from the surface of the planet.

Mike pointed his pod towards one of his bases and spent the short flight reviewing what he had liked and disliked about the stabber and trying to decide what cruiser to try next. He looked woefully at his bank balance and tried NOT to let it drop to the next lower number of digits. He settled on a Thorax for his next vessel vowing to try each of the cruisers to find the one that ‘fit him’ the best. Congratulations echoed through the fleet as they all went back to their respective bases and Mike decided that even losing the ship had been worth it, his first time in command of other capsuleers in a battle for the defence of innocents.

In his bed, quite a few systems away, the covers moved and a lovely arm stretched out and then stopped, patted his side of the bed and a voice asked. ‘Hello? Where are you?”

In his new ship he still wondered what he had forgotten.

I want to thank a few folks who showed me lowsec FC’ing and contributed to me NOT making a total fool of myself when I was suddenly handed some responsibility. Thank you Black Claw, Keeves, Crorono. You each helped to make a carebear grow a pair.

So I need to find the right ship for taking into combat, I can fly any cruiser and fit most of the weapons, I fly Minnie and Gallente HACs now and again but I am not rich enough to take those into the hellish furnaces of the Live Events. Somthing that can take a bit of a hit but I understand that if you get a LOT of attention you are gonna go pop right quick. Nothing too overpriced so no meta 4 stuff unless I have it lying about in a hanger.

The chaos is such that I am not too sure about fielding too many drones but we will see how this one holds up, after that, perhaps a rupture?

If you have a good fitting send it to me or toss it on the comments.

Suggestions from those of you NOT on my side? No thanks. ((Thanks Ghost Hunter but I won’t be bringing a Zephyr because they are ‘immune’))


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1 Response to You want ME to call targets?

  1. paritybit says:

    Thanks for your help there, the Dramiel wasn’t shooting me, but the Stabber was.

    Thorax is a good choice. It would be good for shooting the battleship rats (lots of damage up close to large targets) and has a decent complement of drones.

    [Thorax, Armor Tank]
    Damage Control II
    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
    Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
    Medium Armor Repairer II
    800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

    Stasis Webifier II
    Warp Scrambler II
    10MN MicroWarpdrive II

    Heavy Electron Blaster II x5, Antimatter Charge M

    Hammerhead II x5

    There’s nothing outrageously expensive on it. I’d suggest playing with the fit until you decide you like it. I used something similar for ratting when I was bored.

    Personally, I’ve been taking assault frigates to the events; but that’s what I prefer to fly.

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