Boomerangs come back

The asymetrical curve of the Navy Scorpion slid into the system and Mike activated the comms. “Requesting docking clearance for . . .”

The comm interupted his normal request. “Come home.”

He’d been only gone a few weeks but it felt like much longer. What he had to do next wasn’t going to make things any better either. He activated the automated docking system and then triggered the pod release. As welcoming sounds of the new ship settling into a hanger rung through his vessel he was showering and deciding what to wear. He settled on a decent set of casual clothes that did not smack of utilities nor were they some offshoot of a uniform. He had had enough of those for a little while.

He waited for a gantry to roll up so he could climb down out of the beast of a ship towering above others nearby. Ev and Scotty waved from the side but Mike barely noticed them, he only had eyes for Dee stalking across the hanger floor towards him. He could tell she was angry but not sure why.

“You. Did. Not. Call.”

“Oh, um, yeah.” Mike ran his hand through his hair and grimaced. “I’ve been monitoring a a lot of new communications and after I got shot down in Tama I had to quick make another and then when I got to Kiht I . . . ”

“Tama? Kiht? Wait, have you been fighting the Sansha as well?” Her eyes widened and she followed him across te hanger to the lift up to the residential levels.

“Kinda fell into it on the way back, there was a call and word that the Sansha were fielding a wyvern. They needed everybody they could get on the field and I was handy.” Mike shrugged. “Lost my drake and then got a new ship, went on the next two calls. Jumped all the way over to Kihtaled to confirm a false alarm, then I’ve been working my way back. Was almost home when another call came in for Vlillirier.”

“What happened?”

“Another Sansha traitor showed his colours, this time in a Thanatos.” Mike chuckled. “Someone collected a very big bounty, over 1.4 Billion. I took a side trip to do a very close scan of the wormhole they use then backed off and tossed torpedos at both the thanatos and the slave that was piloting the other capital ship. Then the countdown started. The Slave said that the wormhole would only be open anothe five minutes, we fought and shot and tried our best to keep her away from he exit but a carrier is hard to slow down. So . . ” Mike wiped a hand across his eyes, “I and probably a few others did desperate stupid things.”

“What could you do?”

“I rammed the carrier with my bomber, trying to lock the shields and bump her off course. Locked up and hit the accelerator for all it was worth. Moved her, too!” Mike grinned. “But it was stupid because I knew she was using smartbombs for close in defence. I lost the ship and not even my pod got clear.” He stopped walking and turned to face her. “I died, Dee. It was over quick but I died, I FELT a part of the console come in through my chest as the pod burst, I touched space with my bare hands. I.” He stopped talking and just looked at her shaking his head slowly.

Dee looked up at him with a quiet expression on her face and said nothing.

“I’ll understand if you don’t want to see this me anymore. I have heard some people have trouble adjusting to knowing someone who dies and refuses to stay dead.” He looked over her head and tried to find the right words, the ones that would tell her what he wanted her to know. “This is a new body but it is still me in here. I am still here, just a year younger and a bit wiser.” He closed his eyes, not wanting to see her face, knowing how much the look of rejection would hurt. “I love you but I understand if you cannot love what I am. What I’ve become, I”

A hand on his mouth stopped him from continuing. “Come on home, you idiot.”

He opened his eyes to see she was grinning and crying and stepping in to hive him a hug that made his ribs creak. “Home?”



Ramming works, but you have to be willing to take loss to do it if the target is smartbombing
I am amazed that so FEW folks that love the tears haven’t joined the events just so they CAN betray all of humanity.
The Summit (channel dealing with the rp of the events) is a mix of important info, high drama, and watching paint dry
I am slowly learning names of key players in this event, and wondering which one will cackle madly and declare for the Nation next
I do not care that they are pixels and npc’s I curse outloud when a Slave declares that they just managed to lift 400000 people from the planet
I want to hire the Nation next time there is a planetary emergency, they seem to do evacuations better than anyone in history
I have now lost 2 ships and am looking forward to the next battle. I blame OUCH for making ship loss only an issue of funding, not of anythign else. I do not know or care about implants lost. I HAD FUN.
Dying doing something stupid and heroic is SO WORTH IT


summary of the first day of the summit

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1 Response to Boomerangs come back

  1. paritybit says:

    I lost a Tristan to a smartbombing Slave carrier in one of the earlier attacks; it was just me and Julianus Soter on the scene and I charged in to tackle the carrier … I warped off twice as the smartbombs got me into low armor, but both times warped back — the third try was not so successful and I lost both the ship and my pod. The ship was cheap. The pod not-so-much — but being there was so worth it. Then they told me the carrier wouldn’t have warped off. Doh.

    Anyway, as to your question/statement about why more people aren’t joining in so that they can betray all of humanity — well, pod pilots love to get kills and New Eden’s residents love to be jerks, but there’s no way they would “lolrp”. They don’t want in-character tears — they want real tears from people who are not like you and I, from people who don’t realize this is a game and that their ships are not paid for with their life savings.

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