Sansha Raids

Mike was monitoring the local channels when the call came in for all in the area to help drive off invaders. He turned the warped off of the mission he was running and sent an apology to the relavant agent. He had heard about the Sansha raids of late, that they had been hitting temperate planets and stealing people from the surface.

The jumps were intolerably slow and Mike continually wished he was in his Ares instead of the clunky old Drake but once he saw that the destination was in lowsec and that he was fitted for simple missions he cursed even more. The jumps bypassed one gate camp and then he was in the system, above a planet firing on a . . . HUGE vessel. A wyvern. A carrier that dwarfed all the little vessels that dared oppose it but oppose it they did. Mike set an orbit up and watched the massive amounts of fire pour down on thecarrier as it launched Dragonflies to rise up and meet the attackers. Reports of shuttles touching down on the planet under the umbrella of the carrier spurred the overheating of the launchers and even more damage slowly trundled from the sturdy little vessel. Mike knew that his missiles were barely scratching the big ship but every bit helped.

Then the Dragonflies found him. They ate his shields far faster than he could repair them so he warped off, a standard tactic to break a lock. Standard, unless you are facing fighters. Mike had never even dreamed he would have to study the tactics of this size engagement. The fighters warped and followed him to the star, then a planet, to a moon . . . Mike reported on the comms that he had 5 draginflies in tow and that he would not dock but rather, keep them busy to pull some of the fangs from the carrier.

Then the trap closed. Capsuleers who had signed on with the Sansha began to arrive and they were taking the field to defend the Wyvern. They supported the capture and processing of the inhabitants of the local planet. One chose to wait at the star for any who might be warping out to escape dragonflies. Mike arrived and was warp scrambled in an instant. It was all the Dragonflies needed and Mike heard the warning sounds of the shield, armor, and hull almost as a harmony rather than seperate sounds. His pod was fast enough to get clear and he was building a second ship to return when word came out that the wyvern had finally fallen.

For his efforts Mike was acknowledged in the killmail and invited into fleet channels he had not even known about. He started to gather the information about what was and what was not known about the attacks. The fact that Concord was NOT taking an active part in the defence and that in fighting amonst the defenders was a common thing. That traitors amongst the Capsuleers were as common as mold in a Caldari shower. Comms were assumed to be compromised and the sympathisers would come on channel to parrot the mindless drivel their heads were now full of . . . Nation is Endless, the master sees all.

Mike took advantage of the block function of the comms to ignore the propoganda and collect some more salient details.


If you have not had a chance to join the live events, you should. The Devs are enacting a story live over the space of the last few days. The OOC channel is Live Events and there are other channels for specific fleets and factions, but it is not my place to give those out.

It gets hectic, confusing and you feel like you a part of game history. So worth it.

Kill That Ship!


are things I have seen and been a part of.

I lost a ship, yes. I have been in on a wyvern and two chimera kills. The Carebears are coming out in droves to play. We used to wonder how to make lowsec fun and interesting This is it.

On a side note. Seismic Sam reminded me that I spoke of this in a campaign speech 6 months ago, while runnning for CSM 4. Raiders attacking systems out of wormholes. I smiled enigmatically and complimented him on his memory. This is what we got when I wasn`t elected . . . think of what could happen if I WAS! vote for me, please


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2 Responses to Sansha Raids

  1. In fact your comment was on “how cool this would be if Sleepers exited their wormholes and started to attack the known-space” and it was live on the CSM Debate on the Planet Risk show – Episode 9 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      Ok, so I got the race off, but the Sansha are coming out of oneway wormholes. So I stand by my magic eightball and smile, on this one.


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