Corp change

`. . . and so now we know what happens if you load depleted uraniums slugs into the pulse laser, not gonna do that again.

The Captain called an all-hands meeting yesterday. Seems he had already talked to the Dean of the University and some folks in another corp and he felt it was time to move on. So he is givin us the choice as to whether or not we will coming alopng or he will be paying us out. Some stepped up for the payout and will be coming home with the same ship that brings this note to you. I won`t be coming home right off. I am curious where the Captain is gonna take us next.

He said that we had learned a lot from our time with OUCH and that the lessons would be needed right quick as we are heading for Providence. Now I know what yer thinkin. I decided to sign on for anopthe tour with Jiorj because he does care about his people and tries his best to minimize the risks we face, even if he is taking us into lawless space. I talked with a few of the boys and they feel the same way so he isn’t going in there alone. By the time yer readin this we’ll be making the 25 odd jumps to our next base of operations. Jiorj himself took me to the side once I made the choice and had me choose some Blueprint Originals to bring along. I told him he was crazy to risk them in the 9 jumps through low and nullsec that he told us we would be making at the end but he just smiled and told me I was right to worry, cause that was what he expected of his Production Boss.

Ya, me. He is paying for any courses I can find to become a better factory floor rep and I will be working directly for him and with the blue prints. He says there are factories with a few slots where we are going and he wants us to be working with them once we get there. I think I am going to keep with what we know and go for some ammo.

Gotta sign off, ma, the captain is calling for us to ‘saddle up'”



I have had quite a few in OUCH and all of them were valuable. I’d like to thank all the members of that corp and highly recommend them to others who might be looking to get a feel for the more pvp aspect of the game. I think the funniest times are when we are being smacktalked by folks who are running from us. They look at our killboard and declare OUCH to be poor at pvp. This is true in the raw sense that we have deaths, it is part of the learning. But it is especially hilarious when the people deriding us for our stats are running or hiding in a station.

Black Claw, thank you. As I told you on the comms, I will come back someday (I hope) to help train rather than be a student. To the others I flew with . . . thank you even more. You were patient and I learned far more than you know.

Now, SIRadio, ready or not, here I come


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1 Response to Corp change

  1. Quick! Everyone dock up! Self-Destruct your ships and JC back to empire!

    Jiorj is in local!!! 😉

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