Who wants to live forever?

Have you ever been just on the border of asleep and awake. The mind was aware but you had no idea where your body was? Just floating in a warm comfortable cloud of satisfaction, rest, and peace. In the distance you hear voices.

“Ma’am we really need to find him, he is overdue for an important task.” The male voice is explaining and you vaguely wonder who they are looking for.

Her voice is husky and brings back memories of yesterday afternoon, last night and sometime early this morning. You mentally prean a little. “When I awoke he was gone . . . if you see him can you tell him to call me?”

You try to open your eyes and find that the darkness is complete. Where ARE you? Now the comfort is fading under the steady advance of something bordering on panic. You are fully awake and you STILL cannot feel your body. Darkness is no longer comfortable but all encompassing. The warmth clings to you but now you feel suffocated by at. You try to cry out but nothing emerges and you are not sure if your mouth even moved. Are you dead?

“Yes, maam, we will do that. Thank you again for your time and if you do see him?”

“I will tell him to call you.”

The sounds of them leaving were secondary to his mind crying out in panic.

“Ah, the monitor says you are awake now . . . good, just in time darling. I wanted you to know where you were and where you are going.” Her voice was less sexy,now. It was calm, cold, and very very scary. “You are in a very special pod. You have no sensory connections except incoming sound on a very specific frequency. You have no contacts with any ship, no way of popping the pod from the inside, nothing. I am carrying a comm that can send a signal to you, so you will hear what I want you to hear. You are in the cargo hold of a small vessel in drydock and you will not be found accidentally. You will not die until I will it to be so. As you know the life support of a pod is very very well constructed . . . your body could last years. The mind, on the other hand.”

Calm calm, you try to fight for calm.

“Your mind will go through a lot of stages, panic, resignation, madness, and eventually it will just shut down. I want you to know two things. Why this is happeneing and what you can do about it. You have been working with slavers. You are currently tasked with escorting a transport full of slaves to a life of working mines for your corporate masters. You knew this was illegal but the money was good enough to quiet your conscience. Think of me as a louder conscience. My group is going to free those slaves that you were supposed to be protecting while you stay where you are and think about your sins. When we have completede our mission I will open the channel for and we will talk. If you can present a convincing argument, I will let you go. Otherwise I will call you after I complete the next mission. If I am ever unsuccessful . . . well saldy I have made no arrnagements for your release unless I do it. You will stay there until a pods powersource and life supplies run out. So, ” she ended brightly “wish us luck.”


Mike’s comm chimed as a single didgit appeared. ‘2’



Ever wonder how podpilots can be killed? A couple of blogs lately give the answer.

(1) Boredom or ennui, a few Eve Bloggers are hangin up their hats and moving on. I could see this as a sea ccaptain turning his back on the ocean and coming ashore for the last time

(2) Catastrophic events that just take all the fight out of you. Like losing a ship and cargo worth billions (say an itty filled with BPC or BPO’s, either way it could end the ‘fun’ of the game for someone.)

(3) Real Life, kids arriving, jobs lost, moving, or just moving on. All take pilots from us every day.

but I am very very glad that for all our talk of being a PvP game no other pilot can ever remove me permanently. In this way I am immortal.


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