CSM: Kieth Nelson interview of me

Kieth Nelson is interviewing candidates for the CSM. As of a few minutes ago less than a third have responded. Tells you something, i suppose, though not what.


So what does Mike have to say for himself?

Do you have a website/blog, if yes what is its address? If not, where can people go to find out what you stand for?

Yup, Sorted so you see things I did that are CSM related.

How long have you been playing?

Since September of 2008, so about a year and a half, give or take.

What drew you EVE in the first place?

The idea that anything could happen. Stories like the great assassination the Guiding Hand Social Club did. Or that people did not have to progress through the game in the same manner. In CCP’s terms . . . the sandbox

What are your main activities in EVE, what do you spend most of your in game time doing?

Depends on how I apply the term ‘in Eve’ I am primarily a mission runner, But I explore, I mine, I will try bout ship fittings, I have been taking classes with OUCH for pvp and nullsec operations. I spend a LOT of t6ime talking with other players, whether it is in the public channel of our own corp (Smegineers) or the Eve online bloggers channel.

What is the thing that you like most about EVE?

Hands down, the people. If I don’t know about something, there is always someone I can ask. People who I thought would be so distant from the ‘new guy’ that I still feel like are willing to chat.

What is the thing you hate most about EVE?

I think hate is too strong a word. If I hated things about the game then I wouldn’t still be playing it and I absolutely would not be volunteering to be a member of the CSM and get even deeper into it. But if I had to pick the least likable thing about the game is that it still feels , in places, like we are playing the Beta of a so much better game. Something gets fixed, something else breaks, balance is constantly changing, lag issues, exploits, all feels like we are so close to being the BEST and instead we are relegated to being a niche game. THAT is why I am running for CSM, I don’t want to play the beta . . . I want to see this game in all of its fully realized glory and I am willing to work to make that happen.

Do you participate the EVE blogging community and the associated twitter ‘tweetfleet’?

Blogging absolutely. I follow tweetfleet on and off and have tweeted a few times but I do it from an ipod touch, not phone so I am not as technologically connected as others. My Blog is a mix of fiction, lessons embedded in the fiction, and opinion pieces when the mood strikes me.

What is your opinion of the above?

This is part of what makes Eve a special game. As I said, the thing I love is the people and the metagame and the chats and communications that go on beyond the boundaries of the server are part of that. People like Crazy Kinux and his blog banters, contests, and the Blog Pack; Keith Neilson and his Blog Roll, which I use; Roc and Pyjama Sam and the Capsuleer. You pick a career or philosophical orientation and you will probably find someone blogging that will speak to what you think, and three others who want to make fun of you.

What is your position on the current ‘No Local’ exploit and what would you recommend CCP do about it, and to those that have used it?

When an exploit is found AND proven there should be a lovely little blanket warning of ‘do it and die’. If it was done using coding and that can be proved then the EULA has already been violated and the exploiters have not a leg to stand on, off with their heads. But IF CCP fails to act then the Pandemic Folks are right in thinking that being ignored is tacit permission. I spent a fair amount of time reading that threadnaught and in the end I concluded that I hate reading threadnaughts. While I saw some editing by GM/Devs I did not see a lot of proactive response when I last dived into that particular swamp.

What would you most like to see changed about hi-sec, lo-sec and null-sec space?

I’d like to see more reason to go other places, Markets that only sell specific things in areas that make relevant sense. Criminal connections should not be sold in hisec. I(f there was a partitioning of availability then we would see even more need fro traders to ply the dangerous skies, more need for pirates to make said skies dangerous.

Do you think the Sovereignty changes in Dominion were a good or bad thing, and did they achieve the aims that CCP set out for them?

Good thing, but not enough. I was under the impression that this was to make POS’s less of a chore but it still sounds like the chores are there, just another layer added to them. The lag issue was the real deal breaker for this and I know a lot of folks are almost waxing nostalgic for the good old days before Dominion. But to make activity on low and null, damn right it succeeded on that front. Take a walk into Providence.

What affect, if any, do you see the current lag situation having on the ability of the 0.0 alliances to prosecute their wars?

It is causing a shift in tactics and has resulted in some bloodbaths that might not have happened. But Eve Players know how to adapt to new situations and wars still progress, just the strategic and tactical rules of battle have changed. Those who have adapted the fastest have won more battles.

How would you encourage a shift from big fleet battles to small gang warfare, in order to combat lag, and also to allow more players to play a more meaningful role in 0.0 warfare?

To a certain extent the lag issues already do that. But I would like to know why we would feel obligated to dictate how people want to wage the war. Small gang and huge fleets both have a place in this game. It is a mark of pride that you could, someday, be part of a gigantic battle that might change the political face of Eve itself. Or you might have just as much fun flying out and podding a few folks with four or five friends. I don’t want to FORCE shifts, I want to allow people to play their game, their way.

What makes you different from those that went before you and how do plan on maintaining some for of continuity?

I have been closely following the 4th CSM, writing articles on how they went for my own blog and for the Eve Tribune. So I hope to learn from what has and hasn’t worked. I am the best opportunity for a duality of new blood that does NOT need a training time to get up to speed on proceedings and issues that have been covered in the past. That is one of the reasons that the CSM term has been extended, so that we are not reinventing the wheel every six months.

How do you intend to publicise and promote the work of the CSM?

I already do, in blog and Tribune articles. I would push for an even more transparency, if at all possible but I must admit that I have nothing but admiration for the new levels of disclosure that came out of the 4th CSM.

What would you consider your top priority as a CSM member?

The same thing that probably all CSM’s should say. Represent the players issues in a calm and reasonable way to, with the support of CCP, make this a better game for all of us.

Crazy Kinux recently posed the question of how to encourage more female gamers to play eve as part of his monthly Blog Banter. What do you feel EVE is missing that would encourage more women gamers to play, or is it simply a case of changing the marketing and not the game?

I wrote on that issue and I do think that the game is NOT in need of change but just needs to present itself better. While Incarna will be the new shiny and might draw MANY players (male and female) to the game it is nto be panacea that will equalize the genders.

If you could only pick one issue currently on the first page of the Jita Assembly hall forums, which one would it be and why?

Currently the forums are full of ‘vote for me posts and I had to dive a few pages in to find ANYTHING that even resembled an issue. When I got deep enough I think the one current issue is the nerf of the deepsafes. While I agree that some of the safes were ridiculously deep (so deep they would leave the galaxy) I think they dragged the leash a bit too tightly.

Purely hypothetical, and only because its a question that was put forward by a lot of people when I asked the tweetfleet what they would ask each of the candidates; how much do you think a vote in these elections is worth (in ISK or otherwise)?

*chuckles* Show me a way to prove that a vote bought would stay bought and we can discuss it. *shrug* I want people to vote for me because I strike a chord with how they think. I want people to vote for me because I am the right person for the job, NOT because I promised them virtual currency. Even if CCP formed a votes sales point I would not take part in it and would probably retire from this serious internet spaceships politics. This is an election. Not a popularity contest, not a waving of E-Peens, it is an election. You (the reader) are supposed to be finding the person or people who you think will do the best job making the game better. People who will show up for the meetings, vote in the fashion that you might vote, be YOUR VOICE when talking to CCP.

This is what it is supposed to be about . . .

Is there anything else you would like to say to prospective voters?

This is what I am: A guy who likes the game and wants to help make it better. I wrote the Tribune articles and my blog reports on the CSM meetings to help make the issues more visible and make the CSM a more commonly known thing. It is scary how many of you have no idea what CSM stands for or what they do. Read, ask yourself what you would want done if you could make the changes yourself. If I sound like the person that might do those things in YOUR NAME then vote for me, come the days of the election. If someone else sounds closer to your way of thinking by all means, vote for me anyways.

A lot of folks are going to a lot of effort for this to be more than an advertising point for CCP. Be a part of it. Vote . . . and vote for me

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